The Road So Far… A Small Recount of Season 10

After a long wait (143 days), Supernatural Season 10 aired it’s most awaited premiere. The anticipation to see Dean as a demon was too much. We’d been getting teasers throughout via conventions and twitter but that wasn’t enough. When the episode finally aired, it was better than any of us could have imagined. Season 10 Episode 1 “Black” was a hit.


The live tweet for the episode had been amazing. Jensen had gotten his account and was tweeting along with the regular tweets from the cast- Jared, Misha, Mark, Osric and the remaining cast and crew. Even though I started watching the series about 2 months before the season aired, I was still aware of the entire goings on of every season thanks to tumblr. I managed to watch 9 seasons in a record 4 weeks (July 27- August 29) and season 9 had taken the longest simply because it was the most stressing season to watch.

Returning to the premiere, it was everything and more. The opening had Sam torturing a Crossroads Demon to get information on where Dean was and that scene was rather shocking because regardless of what we’ve Sam do, the manic expression he had when he demanded Dean’s location from her was a bit alarming.  It was a glimpse into what lengths Sam would go to to get his brother back. The Crowley- Dean bromance was interesting to watch but the biggest stab in that was the “jerk- bitch” moment they shared which had been exclusive to Sam and Dean up until now. The reason probably for that chalks up to the fact that Dean isn’t himself anymore; he is a demon which means he doesn’t care and has no sentiment associated with it. Over the course of the summer we had been told that a new character was being introduced who had history with Dean. Enter, Cole Trenton- ex-military with a desire for revenge and his target- Dean Winchester. What follows is a series of events in which Cole tracks and captures Sam to get information on Dean’s location. Unaware of Dean’s ‘condition’ and assuming that Sam’s kidnapping would bring Dean to him, he goes on to call him up after which ensues a rather heartbreaking conversation where Dean basically says- “Whatever jam he’s in, that’s his problem. But if there’s one thing I am, it’s a man of my word and I will find you and I will kill you” *click*. This was rather confusing because on the one hand Dean claims he doesn’t care and then vows revenge? Doesn’t make sense. We also got to see how Castiel was now that he was running out on his borrowed grace and sure enough he was in some dingy apartment sleeping with just a robe on and coughing his lungs out like he was going to die any second. We all know how much Dean means to Castiel, they’re practically family and him just wondering out loud about Dean leaving and him missing him was an unexpected thing. The one unneeded part in this episode was Hanna turning up at Castiel’s door and asking for help capturing rogue angels but maybe the writers needed that just to get them on the road. The funniest scenes in this episode had to be of Demon!Dean killing the guy at the grocery store while he was reading porn and after killing the guy collecting his magazine and brushing it off to walk over the guy’s body and the bad karaoke; they were priceless to watch. Good to know one thing hadn’t changed after he went dark side.


Moving on to the next episode with a name familiar to most people thanks to BBC’s Sherlock- Reichenbach. The episode continued where it left off, Sam in Cole’s capture and Cole narrating the story as to why he wants to exact revenge on the older Winchester; because Cole had witnessed his father’s murder and Dean had been the killer. The reasons as to what he was doing at the Trenton’s house will probably be revealed throughout the season whenever Cole pops up next. Crowley had been trying to get Dean to join him in ruling Hell but failed and tries to help Dean out in another way, by finding him targets to kill and collect souls for him because it had been a while since he’d killed anything/one. After Dean reluctantly goes to kill Mindy Morris, the client’s soon-to-be ex-wife, he runs into Lester who is the client. After a rather funny conversation that veered on misogynistic, Dean kills Lester in his car and leaves. The back and forth that happens between him and Crowley when he tells him that he killed Lester after which Crowley “breaks up” with Dean was angsty and very Sam and Dean- like. That chemistry was very interesting to see since it hasn’t happened with another character in this particular fashion. Cole’s torture of Sam continues though during a brief distraction he manages to escape his captivity and heads on back to the road relaying what he had learnt about Dean to Castiel. The cross countrying dying angel obviously didn’t take it well not to mention the fact that his fading grace was taking a toll on him causing him to crash his pimp car. Again, I don’t see logic to this. Crowley sold Dean out like the heartbroken girlfriend he felt like on the condition that he get the First Blade. Sam of course tracks Dean down using the info Crowley gave him and finds him at a bar. The conversation they had was very difficult to watch because Dean went on to make fun of Sam and also threaten him. But let’s make it easy for Sam to get Dean and let Cole try and beat the crap out of Dean which he fails at. That fight was brilliant. I like to compare it to a black cat tackling a mouse that thought he could take him on. The dialogue was creative and beautifully delivered. At the end of the fight, Dean let Cole live because what’s worse than leaving the guy who wants to kill you to exact revenge alive? Worst kind of torture. He basically says that when Sam is driving the Impala back with Dean in the backseat to the bunker. But him saying that what he would do to Sam would not be close to mercy was chilling. Another stab in the heart from our beloved writers was when Sam commented on the dirty wrappers that were littered around baby and all Dean said was- “It’s just a car Sam”. Damn you writers, you stick a blade in and twist it to make the pain last longer.


In “Soul Survivor” we all were aware that the episode meant that Dean would be getting cured. This was probably the 4th or 5th episode that Jensen had directed and he did an amazing job again. Though the episode mostly centered around the bunker and the blessed blood demon curing going on, it gave insight into what Sam went through to find Dean. During a monologue, Dean admits to the fact that his mother was dead because of Sam and this was (in a not so serious way) mentioned in the Season 5 episode “Changing Channels” in the Nutcracker gameshow when the host asks Dean if his parents would still be alive if Sam hadn’t been born and he had replied with a yes. Albeit the circumstances were different but he had never told Sam about it and never mentioned it to him before. That moment was heartbreaking along with the fact that Dean confronted him about the fact that the reason Lester sold his soul is because Sam made him though he never intended for it to go that far. That was a difficult moment to digest at the time. The cat and mouse hunt was brilliant, it could not have been done better. It’s my favourite scene from the entire episode. Going back to Hanna and Castiel on the road, they run into the rogue angel left alive and it wasn’t surprising that Crowley showed up in the nick of time and stole her grace and gave it to Castiel essentially saving his life. To see what happens between them throughout the season will be interesting. The angel of course reached the bunker in a timely fashion and helped Sam out with the last of the purification. It was sweet to see Dean wondering if Sam wanted a ‘divorce’ from him after all that they’d been through but we all knew that’d never happen. The most touching moment had been when Sam had walked into Dean’s room and found their family pictures tucked under a notepad on a table. That was a tearjerker because it brought back memories of younger Sam and Dean from times when there weren’t as many problems as now.


The fourth episode, the 199th episode Paper Moon was interesting to watch. Brit Sheridan as Kate the werewolf from way back when returned and it was refreshing to see an old face. The name hinted at a werewolf-y theme or something related to Monster of the Week which wasn’t that surprising. Sam and Dean were of course trying to get some well deserved R&R after everything that had happened but how could they stay away? They tracked the killings to Kate and found that her sister Tasha was a werewolf too because she had turned her to save her life. Sounds like something the Winchester brothers would do for each other right? This comparison between brothers and sisters goes on throughout in an almost uncanny similarity. Both brothers were dealing with what they’d said to each other back when they were curing Dean and seeing that banter between them and trying to air that dirty laundry was heartwarming. Towards the end though, no matter how uncannily similar the relationships between the two siblings were they differed at one point. Where Sam and Dean would go to any lengths to save the other no matter what the price and would not even think about killing the other, Kate had to kill her sister just to save her. That was something that was hard to watch because it’s not easy to lose a sibling no matter what the circumstance. It was fitting though, and the episode ended on a bittersweet note.


In a few hours the episode that we’ve all been waiting for will air. Supernatural’s 200th episode Fan Fiction. From the previews it looks amazing and also heartbreaking but we shall see. A big thank you to the most amazing show in recent years, you guys have done an amazing job and we hope you get another 10 seasons.


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