A Darker Shade of Magic Review + A Gathering of Shadows ( Sequel) Announcement

A Darker  Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab is a Young Adult Fantasy novel following a traveller Kell who uses blood magic to travel between different Londons. On one such travel, he comes across a pirate by the name of Delilah Bard who helps him try to get an artefact from Black London back to where it belongs. The story revolves around their journey and what they go through.


Personally, I loved this book. It was very well written and had excellent characters. Sometimes it felt like Delilah was lacking something but I’m hoping her character gets better in the next book. The worlds weren’t that detailed, just enough to give a general idea of what the characters were walking through. At some points, places were too obscure to imagine specifically. I realise that each London is different but the possibility of each of them belonging to a different era exists.
What I loved most were the different relationships Kell had with various characters and how they affected him and influenced his decisions in different ways. As far as the plot goes, it has a lot of potential and will make an amazing trilogy (fingers crossed!). My favourite part was the final battle with the Danes. The description of it was so well done and it couldn’t have been written better.
If you haven’t read this book, please do because it is exceptional and kind of reminds you of Harry Potter but an even darker version of it but it’s a lot of fun and will keep you on edge the entire time. The sequel for this book, A Gathering of Shadows has been announced and will be released February 2016 by Tor Books.  For more information, follow this link- http://www.tor.com/blogs/2015/04/us-uk-cover-reveal-a-gathering-of-shadows-schwab


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