Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by SJ Maas (Review)

Crown of Midnight by SJ Maas is the second book in the Throne of Glass series and let it be known, this book is ten paces ahead of the first one and its cover is just so beautiful I mean look at it.

It’s far superior to what you’d anticipate of what would happen in the series and the story development is grander, it is more solid but is also scattered at the same time.

The story picks up from where the first one ended and Celaena is on mission to assassinate one of the King’s enemies. When she returns to Adarlan, she presents the proof of her assassination in his court in the presence of not only the king but Dorian and Chaol as well. Both of them are, to say the least, more than disturbed at the fact that Celaena is okay with each mission that the king sends her on and end up slightly distancing themselves from her. When the king presents her with her next kill, things take a sharp turn into her past.

Celaena’s relationship with Nehemia continued to grow and expand and became a bond which was nice and added a sweetness to the story. This was probably the only stable relationship before it crumbled as well leading to ruin and heartbreak.

For Doralena fans, this book would be a disappointment. If anything, Dorian and Celaena have an animosity surrounding them which feels a bit hurtful because they are such good friends and seeing them not speak to each other or talk only when Chaol is absent or accidentally running into each other is just sad. It’s quite like when you see an ex and no one is around and you speak to them because no one will know that you spoke with each other.

Chaol and Celaena’s relationship was very very satisfying. It was bound to happen and seeing them together was a dream come true. Hopefully they will end up together.

There were a few new characters introduced if not mentioned before. We got glimpses of Dorian’s brother Hollin who is a brat to say the least. We also saw Roland who is Dorian’s cousin and Kaltain, though only briefly. As far as can be told, Roland and Kaltain will probably play a bigger role later on in the series (hopefully the fourth book will reveal more) but what is going to happen with Hollin still remains a mystery.

In the last book, Celaena found Elena’s tomb and the book continues with adventures happening there. She finds a riddle that helps her find a clue to undoing the King’s master plan. Small pieces of the plot are falling into place slowly giving a much clearer picture of the structure and happenings to come.

We also get a blast from Celaena’s past. Archer Finn had trained with Celaena in the Assassin’s Guild and was a well known courtesan in Rifthold. He appears to be a side character at first but as the plot of the book reveals itself, he is much more than that.

In a lot of instances in the book, we get to see a greater character revelation of Celaena. She is much more brutal and cold than she was in the last book which does not go to say that she is heartless. The brutality shows itself because people she loves are in danger or betray her in some way which shows that she isn’t inherently evil as most who belong to Arobynn Hamel are. We also get a lot more magic with major revelations from Celaena’s past with regards to what had happened that fateful night in her childhood that landed her in the Assassin’s Guild and what powers she may or may not wield.

All in all, this book is a solid 4.5/5 stars and fairly fast paced keeping you on the edge the entire time.


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