A Court of Thorns and Roses by SJ Maas (Review)

A Court of Thorns by SJ Maas was one of my favorite reads this month. I’d been busy finishing up the Throne of Glass series when this book came out but I got to it the minute I finished Heir of Fire and let me tell you something, this book is darn good.

ACOTAR is her new New Adult Fantasy series that is a Beauty and the Beast fairytale retelling. So, this book is based in a world where Faeries are feared by humans and they live impoverished in a small portion of a continent. Feyre is hunting for food in the forest when she encounters a faerie and kills him bringing upon the wrath of a faerie Lord who comes to collect her and as punishment she is forced to live in the faerie lands forever.

I absolutely adored this book. I love the faerie theme that Sarah has in her books and seeing it so dominant was just delicious. This is a slow burn, lots of angst and a whole lot of sexy times *wink wink* which just adds to the entire plot, structure and progress of the story.

Other than Tamlin, my favorite character was Alis who was Feyre’s maid. She has an interesting backstory that I would be interested in reading in further books if it ever comes up.

The fact that there is a love triangle in this book doesn’t surprise me but I’m hoping it does not become cliched. The tale is fairly predictable with some twists that add to the spice of the book.

I loved the world she built. It is so beautiful to imagine and it would be something to behold if it ever is brought to life.

I can’t say more for fear of ruining the plot. If you liked Throne of Glass, you will definitely like this. It is signature Maas. I gave it a 5/5 stars.


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