Bound With Passion by Megan Mulry

Bound With Passion by Megan Mulry is an Erotic Historical Novel that I got sent from Net Galley on behalf of Riptide Publishing. It’s part of a series called the Regency Reimagined novels and is book number 3 though I believe it can be read as a standalone.

25718002 (Amazon)

The story follows Lady Georgiana Cambry of Derbyshire who has spent quite a while in Egypt and is on her way back to England. She had spent five years abroad living as Mr. George Camden in an attempt to be free from the confines of being a woman and a Lady. Abroad she spends her time living a life of absolute freedom and independence along with having very interesting sexual adventures. She is also an excellent horsemaster and is taking with her two Arabian horses as a gift for her very dear friend Lord Trevor Mayson. When she arrives in England, she is presented with a proposal from Trevor. He asks her hand in marriage so that he may inherit his father’s fortune as per his wishes. Trevor is in love with Mr. James Rushford, a dear friend and also his lover of many years. For Trevor’s sake Georgiana accepts the proposal but states that it would be a marriage only on paper, she would leave immediately after the ceremony. What ensues is a series of twists that lead to the three friends forming a profound bond of physical love. But it isn’t enough and Trevor and James try every trick they know to convince Georgiana to admit that she loves them. But will she be able to give up her freedom for love?

For one thing, this book is a fairly quick read. It keeps you intrigued without being too heavy. I don’t generally read erotic romance but this was a pleasant surprise with an LGBTQ theme running through it. The writing is very simple with excellent wording and phrases thrown in that would be appropriate in an 1800s setting. There was some repetition in terms of situation but it wasn’t unbearable which was refreshing. In terms of erotic novels, this is very different and if you enjoy this genre, then this series would be a good choice for you.

The plot was fairly obvious, get Georgiana to fall in love with Trevor and James. I assumed at first that it would happen close to, if not at the time of the wedding but I have to give kudos to Megan Mullry to execute it the way she did. It was eccentric and very erotic and splendid in every way. The progress of the relationship felt too perfect though. I was expecting it to take a little longer than it did or have a few more hiccups along the way. The story shows a liberality of the 1800s that not many people are aware of. To be so free about polygamy, same sex relationships, cross dressing it’s all very different and eye-opening and brings up a lot of questions like “If it was okay then, why is it a problem now?” The openmindedness of it all was absolutely amazing.

In terms of characters, I don’t have any favorite. James was probably the better of them but the rest didn’t have much going on with them. Some side characters like Pia and Sebastian were interesting but about whom nothing was mentioned. That was a bit disappointing but luckily not wasted and played a decent role in the story building. Georgiana as a main character was very infuriating at times and quite intolerable. I could understand some of her frustrations but most of them felt like they were born out of childhood rebellion that she on purpose has not reconciled in her adulthood. I did enjoy her dressing up as a man and being a horsemaster but other than that, I felt no sympathies for her.

I enjoyed the book but I don’t think I’m going to be picking it up again any time soon. I gave this a 3/5 stars. The book was released on July 2, 2015 so, if you’re interested go pick it up!


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