Tribute to Jared Padalecki and his Always Keep Fighting Campaign in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con

This is completely unrelated to books and more related to my ardent love for Supernatural. Last weekend was the most awesome weekend for everyone who went to San Diego Comic Con. There was Star Wars and Harrison Ford, Assassin’s Creed obstacle courses, the reveal of the Green Arrow and then there was Supernatural. Hall H was packed to the hilt with fans wearing Supernatural Tshirts, cosplaying or wearing tshirts from the various tshirt campaigns that the boys have done as of recent. The panel was obviously awesome as it always is but the best and most amazing part was when everyone in the hall held up their Always Keep Fighting tealights as tribute to Jared Padalecki. The campaign was started earlier this year in March and all proceeds went to the non-profit organization called To Write Love On Her Arms which helps to spread awareness about mental illness, addiction, self harm and suicide and also tries to help those suffering to recover from it. The first campaign was a resounding success leading Jensen Ackles to team up with Jared and do a combined campaign with the same slogan. Both campaigns were extremely successful with a lot of outpouring of support and love for them doing this campaign. People posted pictures and videos along with their stories of dealing with or knowing someone who has dealt with or is dealing with any aspect of depression or suicide on social media which were compiled by Jared on his facebook page.    

This campaign has personally meant a lot to me because I do have a problem and just seeing everyone hold a light to Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, Jeremy, Andrew Dabb, Richard, Rob and to each other was unbelievably touching and absolutely beautiful. The SPN Family truly is a family. Always Keep Fighting guys, Always Keep Fighting.



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