The Week That Was GISHWHES

Every year in the first week of August, for most Supernatural fans, the most amazing, sleep deprived and awesome week that threatens your comfort zone and your lack of social life is held called GISHWHES or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen and boy, is it great. This Guinness World Record setting and breaking hunt is the best thing that happens to everyone who participates and this year was no different.

Having finally managed to get my claws into the Supernatural fandom last year in July meant I went full loco when I learnt about the actors and what they do. So, after not being able to participate in GISHWHES last year (I remember trying to register but it was past the deadline) I signed up during early registration in March- for a gisholarship. It’s not that I couldn’t afford it but I wanted it to be my test for myself and I didn’t want my parents help- not their money or anything else. As the months drew closer together and registration started to come to an end, the emails for “We might not be able to pay for everyone’s Gisholarships” started circulating. I panicked not because I might not get it but that I might. I had recently made to pursue higher studies which meant that the hunt would be smack dab in the middle of preparation for applications and the sort. Not looking good. So, I started hoping I wouldn’t get it because I was scared I would have to compromise the hunt or my studies. But then my entry into the hunt got approved and I couldn’t say no anymore. Well, I got one shackle on my ankle and brought on the loom of another- What Team Will I Get?

Gishwhes has an option that you can either sign up as an individual (whereby Gishbot will assign you to a team after registration closes) or you can create your own team/ join one you know. Three days after I got gisholarship approved, I posted it on the interwebs for it to be known to everyone. I let the Powers that Be at Gishwhes know that I would be single and ready to mingle when I unexpectedly got dropped a message in my Tumblr ask if I would be willing to join her and her team. Stunned, humbled and very happy I said yes and joined the team called Supermagical. I did get another offer later but I was already in love with my team and I didn’t feel that cheating was the way to go. Joining team Supermagical was the BEST thing I ever did. I was skeptical that they wouldn’t be okay with the whole ‘from-a-different-country’ thing but they were so welcoming and warm that I felt like Dean finally getting pie and being able to eat it.

Our week together was so unforgettable and amazing that each day was a new adventure. From making dresses out of flowers to making pet female pooches out of Kotex or gluing 400 pages together to form the largest fighter plane and buttering up each other (literally) and hugging, the week was inventive, creative and fairly exhausting and buckets of fun. Everyone on the team was so creative and it left me in awe. Their art was mindblowing and abnosome and it was a privilege working with them and talking to them about ideas and who could do which item.

Hopefully next year, I’ll be making crazy items with them again next year because there’s no way in hell, heaven or purgatory that I’m ready to let go of them.

If you want to check out some of our items, here’s a few links to them-

Team Supermagical- YouTube

Team Supermagical- Tumblr

Team Supermagical- Imgur

You can also check us out on Facebook but I don’t know if the album is public so, just search Team Supermagical and you just might see some of our work.

August 1-8 became the most memorable week in my 22 years on this earth and each person that I participated with the most important people to me. If you can, join Gishwhes next year and give making unforgettable memories a chance.

Stay Abnosome.


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