What Is This Blog Even?

A lot of you lovely readers probably have wondered on more than one occasion- Is this blog about books or Supernatural or Fandom? Believe me, I have too. This blog started out, on my part, as a TV Show reviewing blog. I successfully reviewed the first four episodes of Supernatural’s Season 10 but when it came to reviewing further, I got lazy. Case in point, I still have the draft for the 200th Episode lying on my blog. I will however, be posting an anniversary review for that episode on November 11, 2015.

I have decided that I cannot limit myself to JUST REVIEWING BOOKS because I love all kinds of fandom and will be posting anything related to any of my favorite TV Shows, merchandise, books, campaigns, gaming- ANY of my fannishness on this blog. I am fairly incapable of running two separate blogs and this will be much easier for me and if any of you are interested, this can be the one place we can talk about say Queen of Shadows by S.J Maas and the new Dark Souls 3 trailer which was released recently. Does that sound okay? Okay. Moving on, I am in love with Sam Maggs and Felicia Day these days and am in a HUGE geek mode and I can’t help my crazy fangirlness.

Anyway, I will ALSO be writing for the splendid blog- A blog devoted to SUPERNATURAL. You heard right, I’m going to write full length essays on their blog about SUPERNATURAL *serious fangirl moment*.

Now I won’t be lazy about it!!! YAY!! I will also be reblogging posts from their blog to mine, be they written by me or fellow writers, so if you like something, be sure to let us know.

I will be returning with a MASSIVE number of review posts for books. I have been very busy studying and writing a review has felt almost impossible. I mean, I haven’t even updated the destiel fics I write even though I sprouted out 4 different ideas for chapters. Hopefully things will get easier in September and I can go around meme-ing while filling out graduate admission forms and writing Statements of Purpose.

This was a quick update, I hope y’all stick around through this very bad time on this blog and not give up on me.

Have a wonderful day/night/3am!!!

Until next time…



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