Suits 5×10 Faith (Summer Finale) Review

Season 5 of Suits, I must say, has been one of their best seasons and with the summer finale, it just got even better.

The episode opened with a Mike flashback that was so emotional that it was impossible not to cry. I quite enjoy the fact that there are a lot of flashbacks from both Mike and Harvey’s lives which is giving a lot more structure to their personalities and answers to a lot of questions that have come up in the past five years. Harvey seeing a therapist is a very big thing that I was not expecting ever to happen and is one part of the story that I look forward to every episode.



Bringing Daniel Hardman back to spur the story, in my opinion, felt trite. It was done in season 4 and I didn’t like it then and nor do I like it now. Jack Soloff seems a promising nemesis though, by the looks of it, he won’t be around much longer either. Emotions and feels ran high throughout the episode. I especially liked the scene where Mike goes back to see a priest from his past to help him make a decision with his life. The scene where the Father shows Mike the bookshelf in the children’s playroom had me crying just as hard as Patrick Adams. It was so well done and Adams’ acting was brilliant. His acting skills have grown and have helped give more perspective to his character.



Gina Torres, my goodness, she had my heart threatening to shatter. Seeing her character who is always so sure of herself, vulnerable and at the mercy of the firm and family she’s built and worked with for years was stunning acting. Just when I was about to sideline her character they bring her back. Kudos to Torres and the Suits Writers for doing an amazing job with Jessica Pearson.



I am not going to include spoilers but that finale, oh my god, the finale. What. Are. We. Going. To do. The wait is going to be agonizing at the very least. WHY YOU DO THIS TO US SUITS?!?! I don’t know what’s going to happen to my beloved Pearson- Specter- Litt but I hope it doesn’t shatter to a million pieces.


For the HarveyDonna shippers (like me) there is hope again! You have to watch the episode but I have a feeling that someone is going to make a move that’s going to bring them back together and squeeee! OUR SHIP WILL SAIL AGAIN!!!


I hate hiatus and this is one of the best cliffhangers I’ve seen in a while. Suits Writers, I will wait for you with whatever patience I have left and hope you come back with an even bigger bang than this episode.


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