My Year With Supernatural (One Year of Fandom)

It’s been little over a year since I managed to get a hold of and finish watching Supernatural. It was the show that had evaded me for many many years (8 years actually) and getting to watch it literally changed my life and it’s been an amazing journey so far.

Supernatural taught me many things. It was the reason I tried to make things better with my sister, the relationship that Sam and Dean have felt too close to my own and it made me realize that if they can do it, then so can I.

I also got into reading a lot. It was fan fiction at first (Destiel is my OTP) but it helped me get back into reading as a hobby as well. I started picking up more books to read and now, well, I run this blog.

Reading fan fiction means that at some point, you will write it as well and after 6 years, I took to the keyboard and wrote my first fic and my goodness that feeling was amazing. I was not expecting the response it got and I felt humbled and amazed by the feedback I got. Since then I’ve published a second fic and three one-shot stories. Hopefully, whenever I get around to editing and making the story more my own, it might get turned into a book.

There were also a lot of iconic moments that I got to be a part of. I saw Jensen get a twitter account, started keeping up with conventions, bought my Fangasm Girls books, missed Misha’s Christmas tshirt campaign (by one day! dang it), witnessed the launch of Jensen’s tshirt campaign (which I contributed to), witnessed the launch of the first Always Keep Fighting tshirt (that was my birthday present. I can’t thank Jared enough for launching it and my mom agreeing to me getting it), enjoyed the 200th episode as it aired, live-tweeted with the cast and the SPN Family as episodes aired, screamed when Kim Rhodes, Ruth Connell, Jim Michaels and Lauren Tom favorited/ retweeted me, saw Jared and Jensen get instagram accounts, enjoyed Cooking Fast & Fresh with West episodes, participated in my first GISHWHES and am now living through my first full length hellatus.

I’ve met so many amazing people because of this show, people I talk to every day and read and write with and it’s so amazing. The family might have had its ups and downs but damn us if we don’t come back stronger than ever. We are awesome.

This show means everything to me. It has literally saved my life because last year in July I was losing the strength to live and suicide seemed like a very bright idea to me but this stopped me from it and I’m so glad. I mean, how would I get all the awesome merch and friends I have if I hadn’t?

To all my SPN Family all over the world, I love you all and to all the new kids on the block, welcome to the family.


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