Not With a Fizzle but with a Bang: Castiel, an Introduction

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When the showrunners decided to add to the mythology of the show, no one knew it’d be angels, and the kind that were douchebags. Castiel, self-proclaimed Angel of the Lord, had one of the most iconic entrances in show history and would put a Taylor Swift concert to shame. With a banging roof, showering sparks and shotgun shots acting as lighting, the Hellblazer outfitted trenchcoat wearing angel with the perfect sex hair and most beautiful baby blues came face to face with the man he’d gripped tight and raised from perdition, Dean Winchester. As Eric Kripke described it, “That’s badassery right there” and it sure as hell was.


The most astonishing thing was that Castiel isn’t given a face until the last 5 minutes of the episode (Lazarus Rising, S04E01) and are the most dramatic scenes in the entire episode. The moment when Castiel summons lightning and shows Dean his…

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