Gotham 2×01 Rise of the Villains: Damned If I Do (Review)


So, Gotham’s Season 1 finale was pretty big and had quite a bit going on. New plot lines were established and paved the way for the Season 2 premiere and I’m happy to say it wasn’t disappointing.


The episode opens with Bruce and Alfred going down the newly discovered secret fireplace entrance that holds the secret to Wayne Sr.’s life and lies. The door was protected by an alphanumeric keypad and has Bruce frustrated when he can’t open it. His fixation and frustration is palpable when you see what lengths he would go to to discover the secrets of the Man he Admired and lived to be. This, is I can safely say, the first step to Bruce becoming Batman.


Newly appointed crime lord Oswald ‘Penguin’ Cobblepot is quite the character. I was even more impressed by his ‘business partners’. We’ve seen him go from a snivelling pile of nothing to Gotham’s most feared and it is very impressive. To me, Penguin is quite manic, just a few steps shy from the Joker but nonetheless, it leaves you feeling a bit wary. This is one character that I can say is unpredictable in his behaviour which is what adds to his character.



Remember Barbara? Well, she’s back and is institutionalized at Arkham where she meets fellow criminals. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Joker there and his crazy was even crazier. And, I must say, Erin Richards has done a phenomenal job of acting the crazy. It’s very chilling and also awesome and I’m quite sure she’s going to be surprising the pant’s off of us in tomorrow’s episode.


Jim Gordon is demoted from detective to traffic cop. That doesn’t mean he can stop the detective inside him which we see when he stops a guy dressed up seemingly in cosplay and attacks him. The fierceness and love for the job can be seen very clearly and hopefully, he won’t pay a heavy price for the choices he’s made.


In terms of love stories, the Lee-Jim relationship has annoyed me from season 1 and continues to annoy me this season as well. I’m just waiting for them to break up now even though I know Lee is an important part of the arc. I love Morena Baccarin, I do, but ever since I saw her on this show and Homeland, I just wish she’d stuck to Firefly. She was great as Inara but I strongly dislike her playing these characters the way she does.

All in all, this episode is strong when it comes to season premieres. There were glimpses of our favorite villains coming to life and a few more added to it. I’m hoping tomorrow’s episode will be just as enjoyable if not more.

I rated this episode a 4/5 stars.


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