My Patreon Page!

I recently created a Patreon page to help fund my love of books. I’m 22 and not working and trying to get into graduate school ( I’m in the application process) and I use what little savings I have (gift money, Christmas money) to get new books. I don’t want my parents to fund my book buying anymore and so, I decided to reach out to you. I’m asking for your help, reader to reader, reviewer to reviewer. My dream is to be an author some day and reading and reviewing things is my first step to get to that goal.

If there is anything you can offer as a gesture of help, I will accept it. But this does not mean that if you don’t donate, I will stop reviewing. I love doing what I do and I will never stop but if someone holds my hand along the way and helps me take it further, it would mean the world to me.

You can click the link here and if you choose to help me, thank you! It mean the world. If you don’t choose to help, you’re helping my reading my posts. And that is enough for me.

I love everyone of my readers regardless of anything.

Thank you so much and as always, embrace your weird!


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