What to Expect When You’re Expecting Supernatural Season 11

It’s only a couple of hours left to the premiere of my favorite and highly awaited show Supernatural. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I do use a lot of SPN gifs & also write articles for a blog about Supernatural. 

Recently, the new and very secret trailer for the new season came out giving us a bigger look into what we should be expecting. 

The past 3 seasons (8,9 and 10) have been getting dark. With Season 8 it was Metatron and the Demon Trials, season 9 it was Abaddon and Metatron and trying to get a way to kill both, and season 10 was Dean dealing with the Mark of Cain and the loss of some very beloved characters that I will never forgive the show writers for. The finale showed the rise of the Darkness like it was some giant tunnel worm and the boys trapped in the Impala, awestruck and getting swallowed by it. Trailers have showed us that it’s bloody, people are dead or infected, Sam is praying to God with black spidery veins sticking out on his neck, and Castiel is acting like a rabid dog. The new trailer elaborates on that further. 

Dean & Sam are both bloody and bruised, they’re fighting a losing battle and based on the Tweet that Jensen Ackles posted earlier of Dean with the grenade launcher, it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that things get out of hands enough to bring out the heavy machinery. 

Rowena is just as stunned as anyone at what has been unleashed and goes as far to say that. That shows that whatever they have to deal with is even worse than the immortal witch could have imagined. 

Castiel is still fighting the curse that Rowena put on him. He’s shown to be captured several times, tortured, may have murdered people and angels, and takes a while to get it out. I think Sam and Cas are in the same contraption shown in the trailer which was probably used to lift the curse on Castiel and the Darkness from Sam. 

Crowley is alive and ‘holy’. Wearing a clerical collar doesn’t mean he isn’t a demon anymore but the fact that he isn’t in Hell might be proof of the viciousness of the darkness. If the King himself refuses to be there and instead decided to serve the church, figuratively speaking, things are much worse and will only deteriorate further. 

There are several mystery female characters shown as well. One of them appears in a black dress in front of the Darkness. Is it possible that she can control it? Or is she Darkness Incarnate? It’s weird to think that something so old and dark would have no master. Even the leviathans had Dick Roman as their leader. Could it be this mystery woman be Darkness Incarnate? Does she somehow lay claim to them?

It also looks like there’s a lot more stunts being performed. Dean pulls a full reverse 180 in the Impala with broken glass flying around, there is way too much blood, quite a few citizens dead, and plenty more committing murder.

There is also a little baby in his crib, shown the same way Sam was in the show opener way back in Season 1. This I believe might have significance. What if the Darkness would bleed into a baby, grow with it, making it grow with evil, creating a world full of people just as powerful as that black smoke. The devastation I that would wreck would be unimaginable.

What I found most odd was the clown with the balloons. I remember the boys battled a rakshasa in their younger days, one that was disguises as a clown. Does every monster get some more super evil strength now that the Darkness is out and about? 

So many questions, so little time. And all of this is set to a beautiful version of Jen Titus’ O Death. The song first featured in season 5’s Two Minutes To Midnight, to introduce Death as the fourth Horseman. It’s also one of the most iconic music scenes in the show’s 10 seasons. 

So, what do y’all have to say about this? I know we’re all excited about the premiere and I bet a lot of us have theories. I’d love to know what you have to say. Leave them in the comments below and I will see you next time. Keep being weird!


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