Supernatural 11×01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire (Review)

Supernatural 11 Title Card

Supernatural returned with a bang on Wednesday night. I quite liked the choice of using Run Through the Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival for the recap, it set the tone for what we would see next. The title card isn’t that great for this season as compared to season 10 which was quite brilliant.



So, the opening has Dean surrounded by the Darkness and as he’s looking around confused, she shows herself to Dean. The Darkness is a woman which was what my theory was in my pre-premiere post on Supernatural. She has a presence that I quite enjoy and it’ll be amazing to see what becomes of her character. The Darkness tells Dean that they’re bonded and the reason she wont hurt him is because he wont either. Is it possible that because the Mark vanished off of Dean that Amara is his child or did he see the ghost of the Darkness in her mature female form and Amara will grow into her? She did say that Dean would help her no matter where they were and what form she took. If she took the form of the baby, then it is possible that against Dean’s good judgement, he might be forced to protect her.


Jenna was the new female character on the show and I quite liked her. She has sass and has given me my favorite line of the season already- “Show me some skin!” I mean, she uses it under serious circumstances but who hasn’t thought about using that line in fic or in their imagination? And she’s pretty damn awesome when it comes to shoot first, ask questions later. Despite realizing that the boys weren’t real FBI, she didn’t really freak out or run away which was a really smart move on her part. I also liked her reaction to getting the baby from Mike- “I don’t even own a guinea pig.” I would probably have taken issue if she’d been excited about getting one because no one, in their right minds, would like getting a baby sprung on them.


The Rabids, as we’re calling them, are fairly creepy and somewhat animalistic. The bleeding on people thing is a big Croatoan reminder minus the sanity. I wonder how long before the infection mutates enough to allow the host to keep their mental faculties and do some serious damage. The lack of agenda is really disconcerting.



Castiel, poor poor Castiel, he’s hidden on a farm recounting his attack on Crowley which failed thanks to the King escaping from his meat-suit. Seeing him debilitated and fighting the curse that Rowena put on him tugged at me and I can’t wait for him to become himself again. Did anyone else recognize the kid who finds him played Todd in Season 6’s Wishful Thinking? Anyway, Cas running away while shots are fired at him like he was some animal just made me flinch so hard. Also, calling for help from Heaven was the worst idea ever. Ugh, assbutt angels torturing poor Cassie. And that phone call he made to Dean and the first thing he asked was if the Mark was gone, sweet, sweet heaven that is hidden love right there. Any Destiel shippers agree with me?



Now, Crowlette, Crowlette, Crowlette. That was a curve ball I had never expected and was totally awesome. The actress who played Crowley was perfect and did justice to the character and was absolutely brilliant. The writers throwing in the orgy and menopause was the perfect humor and balanced out the episode. Was not surprised when he killed all of them to contact Hell and I totally loved the minions that came to help him, fabulous guys. So, we haven’t heard about the Cage in a really long time but the rattling and the warning? Are the writers really bringing Lucifer back? Is it even possible? Is it possible for “Hell to freak out”?



Dean’s become grumpy, a grumpy old man and it’s adorable. And I loved that Sam owned up to removing the Mark and saying he’d do it over again. For the entire show’s run, Sam has guilted himself no end band tried to sacrifice himself to atone but this time, I was so happy that he stood by what he’d done and said he’d do it every time no matter what. Sam was also right about another thing. “Hunting things, we’ve been doing that alright. But that’s only half the bumper sticker, what happened to saving all the people, not just the baby or you?” He had a point, the story has had situations where they’ve killed demons and not exorcised them, cared more about saving each other and forgetting that their are others who need their help. I think that’s what Jeremy Carver meant when he said that they would be going back to their roots and bringing the boys back to just helping people while finding a way to put the Darkness back in her cage.


Dean I think is still reeling from what Sam and him did by releasing untold evil into the world. “We broke it, we bought it”- the words are true but for how long can he hold himself responsible for taking on the Mark? And he does blame Sam because he would rather be chucked into Nowhere than be responsible for releasing the Darkness. It is possible that the ‘bond’ that the Darkness and him share might be causing a whole lot of discomfort that he does not want in the least making him feel even more agitated and icky. Oh well, Dean, things’ll get better.



The creepiest scene in the entire episode- Sam getting into a supply closet with a Rabid inside while being chased by three others. Sweet lord that was a good jumpscare. And then those three Rabids breaking in and ‘sniffing’ Sam and leaving him because he was already infected very subtle creepy and pretty cool.


Big surprise- Amara with the Mark. She was a part of my theory simply because the way they showed her in the trailer was so similar to the way they showed baby Sam when he got infected with demon blood and now that we can see that there is a direct link between the Darkness, her, and Dean, Chuck knows what’s going to happen next.

The episode was pretty great and considering we have a whole lot more coming for us in the upcoming episodes, it’s going to be a very thrilling ride.

Let me know in the comments what you liked in the episode and what you’re looking forward to in the next episodes. Until then, stay awesome!


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