Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (The Dregs, #1)

I read Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo as a part of the Booksplosion Book of the Month for October and let me say, it was spectacular.


You guys. This hardcover had black inked pages. SWEET LORD *faints*

Goodreads/ Amazon

Rating- 4.5/5 stars

Publisher- Henry Hold and Company

Pages- 465 (Hardcover)

This book has been described as Ocean’s Eleven meets Inglorious Basters meets Game of Thrones and it more than lived up to that description. Each characters is crazy unique, with brilliant backstory, and amazing skill. I could never have thought that a book like this might exist but I’m so glad that it does.

Six of Crows is based in the same world as the Grisha Trilogy and I think happens after the events of those books. Six criminals or ‘specialists’ are given the opportunity to make millions in exchange for freeing a prisoner from the most secure prison in Fjerda, the Ice Court.

I am not joking, the book had elements from those two movies and the books. It was absolutely amazing and kept me on edge the entire time I was reading it. There are also difficult themes that are discussed in the book such as physical disability, mental disability, human trafficking, and sex slavery to name a few. If this ever got turned into a TV Show or movie, it’d be crazy brilliant. If you feel there might be spoilers, feel free to stop and go read the book before continuing.

Okay, the opening is the test of jurda parem, the main villain in the entire book. The drugs enhance Grisha power to a point where they can change anything to become anything and even create things as well. Very scary at first but once the first dose wears off, it leaves them needy and weak. Parem ruins the Grisha to the point where they have no choice but to beg for a hit just so they can feel that power again. It made me sick that Bo Yul-Bayur would create a drug like that.

The heist was proposed to Kaz Brekker, our chief criminal, by Jan Van Eck who claims he needs his expertise to break in to the most secure prison in their world, the Ice Court to bring Bo Yul-Bayur to him. In exchange, he will be rewarded with tens of millions. Kaz being who he is, which is Dirtyhands, accepted and here, our journey begins.

The first thing that they need is to free a Fjerdan, Matthias Helvar from a prison. He also needs the help of a Heartrender, Nina Zenik who is the reason why Matthias is in prison. This is the first heist that takes place in the book and it was amazing. I despised the part where the prisoners were made to fight the animals to the death. To think that might actually be possible was just frustrating. Anyway, they get Matthias out from there with Nina’s help and they escaped with barely a scratch which was amazing. Like seriously, everything had been taken care of and they just went on and there were parts where it was funny too which made everything even better.

The awesome dock battle blew me away. Kaz tricking everyone into thinking that their ship was at one place but it was really at another because he was worried that there might be a possibility of information being leaked was really awesome. My favorite part was Inej luring away the guys and slicing them to bits. When she got stabbed I was so worried she might die but I was so glad when she didn’t and got saved. I must also applaud that even though Nina is not a Healer, she does a great job of it. She’s also a great Tailor for that matter.

The main Ice Court heist, my goodness, I can’t even. It pounces on you and then when you make a face of ‘OHMYGODWHATSHAPPENING’ I feel like Leigh Bardugo is laughing at me because dang, she crafty.

I loved Inej’s journey up the chimney. That girl really has strength of heart. There were times when I thought she’d slip and fall to her death but she just kept going and really was so amazing. I loved Jesper and Wylan and their chemistry and their brilliant team work. Those guys took serious risks and came through.

I would’ve killed Matthias if he’d let Nina get captured by Jarl Brum. Damn assbutt was all I’m-going-to-leave-you-witch-and-you’re-going-to-die and if he hadn’t done what he did, I would be very upset. Their escape from the court was probably the best thing ever. Kaz figuring out that the tree did have a river running underneath it based on legends was brilliant. Blew my mind the entire time. The tank escape was hilarious but adorable and gave everything an air of humor and lightness.

I wasn’t surprised by Jan Van Eck’s betrayal though. He would never have let the guys go without killing them but then, we have Kaz Brekker on our side. I was upset that Inej got taken away but in the scheme of things, I think the quest of finding her is going to be very important for him and might change him forever.

I loved this book completely. There is a lot that I’m not saying that I hope you will enjoy when you read the book or mention in the comments so that we can talk about them.

If you’re as crazy about the book as I am, here is some awesome wallpaper from Icey Books with an awesome quote on it that goes- “The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.” It is currently my desktop wallpaper and it looks stunning.

I rated this brilliant book a 4.5/5 stars because I’m sure it’s going to get even better.

The sequel to this book is revealed in my post here and will be released Fall 2016. I don’t know what I’m going to do until then, I’m barely getting out of a slump after reading this. Help.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one!

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