Supernatural 11×02 Form and Void (Review)

vlcsnap-2015-10-21-21h11m10s592The second episode of Supernatural was hella creepy, and I mean hella creepy because of reasons below.


Sam’s back to being awesome and nerdy with making home-made tasers and tricking Rabids into coming to him so that he can question them and figure out what the infection is. The dying Rabid’s wish was pudding (love it when they do stuff like that) which was super hilarious. Sam was thrown-off because of the different rates of progression of the infection but that can probably be attributed to how resilient one person is mentally. Sam has been tortured by Lucifer, been stuck in Hell, ridden around by angel, died too many times to count, been soulless which implies that his ability to resist any control from an outside entity is pretty high. The Normal people who are unaware of the supernatural would be more complacent, scared, and susceptible to the thing inside them which would account for the different rates of progression.


We also get to meet a new sassy reaper, Billie, who was singing the most awesome version of O Death by Jen Titus, the same one from the official trailer. The words she uses to describe Sam were cutting to say the least- “You’re dying, I can feel it” and “You’re unclean, in the biblical sense”. The fact that both these statements have been true for Sam on other different occasions was a reminder to all of them which stung. Billie also explained why the Winchesters kept coming back to life, it was Death not God. It’s weird but more plausible than what Jonah had led us to believe. Killing Death meant that there would be a target on their backs but she threatened the boys that any reaper who came to collect them would toss them into the Empty, a nowhere place. I don’t think the Winchesters are going to die again ever or they’ll make sure to have a reaper in their debt. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing Billie a whole lot more in the future and her character had one of the best entrances in a long while.





Sam has always had faith, in the existence of God, he believed in the existence of angels before they came to the show and it’s also been mentioned that he prays at night. We’ve never seen him actually doing it but in this episode, seeing him sitting in the hospital church and asking God to give Dean a chance at a better life, taking full responsibility for the unleashing of the Darkness, and asking for a sign that could help him defeat the infection was so raw. Jared did an absolutely stunning job of that scene. The vision he gets later was quite ambiguous and without any particular relevance. Maybe it was a physical representation of the infection digging further into him? Very unclear on that. I must say, Sam does figure a whole lot out when he’s hallucinating. Figuring out Billie’s words from before and searching for ‘bible purification’ was pretty neat and what was even better that they happened to have Holy Oil on their hands which let Sam light up a piece of gauze dipped in the oil and used the Holy Fire to burn away the infection. There was some screaming and yelling in a tone of voice similar to Sam but it could be Lucifer or the infection itself telling him to stop. I loved how he used the ring of Holy Fire to help those three people who came to him and when they’re cured, one thanks him with such sincerity in her voice, absolutely loved it. It’s going to be fun to see what that infection actually is and if it even manifests into something stronger and less base. We’re back to saving all the people again!




Castiel is a whole another story. The torturing was terrible but his loyalty to the Winchesters makes him so strong. His character has gone through so much development since season four but I hope the showrunners add a whole lot more to him than just leaving him to be the third wheel. I hated that Ephraim and Jonah questioned his allegiance. Cas loves heaven, despite his transgressions but the fact that those two dirtbags made him feel less than who and what he is was very displeasing. Hanna, why did they make you a  traitor? True, I haven’t exactly liked her too much, especially in season ten but this, betraying Cas was the worst thing ever. I still have muddled feelings about her death but I’m totally okay with the badass way in which Cas killed Ephraim and Jonah. The curse is way too strong and I hope it comes off in today’s episode.



Crowley just keeps getting more awesome- “I have contacts in the Church, and when there’s an exorcism that needs to be done they call me.” Father Crowley calling Dean a ‘scrumptious altar boy’, dissing his false identities as ‘Agent-Pathetic-has-been-rockstar’ just because Dean scoffed at ‘Father Crowley’, absolutely brilliant. As we’ve seen with all the Big Bads and Crowley, he has a tendency to try and ally with them which goes real bad and then he has to come back to the Winchesters side. His intrigue over ‘the child that eats souls’ is natural because that’s what he always does. He does notice the fact that Amara likes Dean so it might only be a matter of time before he figures out they’re bonded by the Mark.



Dean is adorable with baby Amara before she turns into a hungry soul eating baby. He looked the tenderhearted alpha papa and I bet that’s going to lead to a whole load of fics more, this time with proper pictures. ‘Chicks dig me’, oh hell yes they do. I did love that he got embarrassed when Crowley said he was a ‘scrumptious altar boy’, can we expect more Priest!Dean fics? Moving on, Dean’s decision to destroy the Darkness is probably going to backfire. Amara said they were bonded but to what extent? Is she really his child? Loved that the show writers used Scooby-Doo references. Crowley obviously misses Dean and him calling Crowley ‘Velma’ and the King of Hell retorting with ‘I’m more Daphne’, way to make a serious situation light which I have only seen with this show.


It sucked to see Jenna cop it so soon in the show but I guess it was inevitable. Amara consuming her soul and her killing her grandmother and trying to kill Dean before Crowley killed her sucked. Also, Amara eats souls. Jenna describes her as ‘a growing girl’ and that was way creepy. Part Exorcist part natural Supernatural darkside, yikes. This season is going to be mad.

         vlcsnap-2015-10-21-01h05m11s197 vlcsnap-2015-10-21-01h05m18s427

The final scene with Amara with her creepy smile when Crowley drives up to her offering her a van full of people to ‘eat’ and saying- ‘Want some candy little girl?’ and her smiling like that, oh Chuck. NIGHTMARES I TELL YOU. Nightmares.


The boys are back at the bunker making sexy maid jokes! I have missed that place but seeing the books the same way from last season up until now was just a really bad reminder of what Dean became that made me want to break something. At least Cas is with them and I’m hoping they manage to get Rowena to lift the curse from him using the codex.

I hope y’all enjoy tonight’s episode and thanks for reading! If you have anything to say, comment down below and I will see you in my next post!


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