Supernatural 11×04 Baby (Review)

SPN11 Title card

This episode has been on my radar since we got to know that there’d be an episode from the point of view of our beloved Impala. Written by the always awesome Robbie Thompson and directed by Thomas Wright, it was a treat that I will forever cherish. The episode has officially become my favorite and watching it just makes me grin like an idiot.


The last Impala-centric episode was Season 5’s Swan Song with Rob Benedict narrating the history of the car. Seeing that in the recap of this episode and every scene in which Dean praised her was like seeing a child being reunited with a beloved friend. The opening was Dean bloodied up in the backseat and handcuffed, and close-up shots of Dean and Sam’s tokens left on her- the green army man jammed in the ashtray in the door, the Legos put by Dean in the airvents, and Sam and Dean’s initials carved into the wood of the door. They are as much a part of her as she is a part of them.

I loved the car wash scene, I was hoping that we would get to see Dean in his too short denim shorts but I guess Baby gets to have that moment. Some things are meant for her and her warriors. Seeing Sam and Dean lovingly wash her and then Dean complaining about the rain once they decided to take the case in Oregon had me chuckling.

Our green cooler was back! Robbie Thompson sure does remember how to get to a fangirl. Dean complaining about the beer when Sam pulled out his smoothie, so cute. I loved it and it seemed like that is one of those things we don’t always see in the regular episodes. We finally got what Misha’s tweets meant about ‘phoning it in’; Castiel was on the phone with the boys helping them out in the entire episode and at times, only Baby was there to listen to him which seemed normal.


I loved that the bar they stopped at was the Roadhouse, I miss Ellen and Jo a lot and seeing that little shoutout warmed my heart. Sam getting it on in the backseat was another one such reference to when Anna and Dean celebrated her last night on earth in Season 5’s Heaven and Hell. The music was excellent with Night Moves by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band being the soundtrack they drove to. The brothers sang together again, after Season 3’s Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi and we got to hear how good Jared can sing! Changing the line in the song to ‘in the backseat of my brother’s ’67 Chevy’ had me going awww!

There were so many references made! We haven’t scene Sam retort with ‘It’s Sam’ to Dean’s ‘Sammy’ or ‘Samuel’ and getting to see that again felt like the old days again, back when the boys were just hunting and looking for dad. We saw the boys get Mexican food and Sam saying ‘Next time I choose’ which was a throwback to Season 4’s Yellow Fever when Dean complains about Sam getting gassy after a burrito. Dean slapping Sam’s hand away from the steering wheel when he tried to do some backseat driving, it was all so wonderfully normal and happy.

Is it just me or was Jensen’s Texas accent a whole lot more stronger in this episode? It made Dean sound older and mature, weathered even but in a good way.

I can’t believe that they kept Matt Cohen quiet about his return to the Show! Seeing him at the wheel in Sam’s ‘fever dream’ and him telling his son everything he wanted to hear along with another line from the past (‘You alright son? You look a little spooked’)- I can’t get over the references because it calls to easier days, less burdened ones anyway. It was just so good seeing Matt back on the show. It was nice that the it still had the main arc threaded through this Monster of the Week episode. Question is, who was John? Was it Lucifer or Michael? His warning about the Darkness and that only the boys can stop it, did that mean that there would be helpful hints left around if they looked in the right place?


We’ve only seen the boys in motels but to see them treat baby like their room and having a heart to heart. Lies bared true, exchanging normal dreams, Dean getting to showcase his smarts, them being equals- they’re bonding again. I loved that they said ‘goodnight jerk’ and ‘night bitch’ to each other. *cue uncontrollable tears* THE BOYS ARE BACK!

Dean has always been adorable to me and he’s such a geek but he will probably never admit it. The expressions on his face every time Sam refuses to indulge Dean by calling the monster a werepire/ghoulpire were priceless.

For some reason, the scene with the valet made me feel like Baby was being violated, I mean yeah Dean probably doesn’t take her out just for fun and it’s mostly always jobs but, someone else driving her? I couldn’t handle it. It felt wrong and I was glad when was brought back safe and sound to her keepers.

Well, 8 years later Dean shot the Deputy. I will still never get over the fact that somehow the writers manage to finish jokes from way back when in current episodes. Dean also gets a whole lot of awesome fight scenes in the backseat of Baby though I wonder why he has to get beat up so many times. Him managing to free himself from handcuffs with the hairpin that the waitress Piper left behind after her tryst with Sam was a lovely reminder of when the show started and he had to free himself using a paperclip in the Pilot episode.

  vlcsnap-2015-11-04-15h22m37s146  vlcsnap-2015-11-04-15h32m07s306 vlcsnap-2015-11-04-15h32m20s594

I never thought that there would ever be a beheading using a door. I cringed so hard at that and found myself apologizing to Baby with Dean. Seeing him planting a little kiss on her dash when she starts up after he had crashed into water-filled road dividers and then pulling that amazing 180-reverse, it showed how much mutual love there is and that they understand each other. Dean and Sam in a little half hug and then him calling her home, it was just so perfect. Baby and her boys, all beat up but together, always together and they always got each other’s back.



The episode was just so beautifully done and I know my words are trash and don’t describe it properly but I tried, and it was difficult to do. This episode is amazing and poetic and a perfect tribute to the Show, the fans, our beloved car, everything. This what the show is and has always been and it was great to see it on the surface again instead of being buried under a whole lot of other stuff.

I hope you liked this post and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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