Supernatural 11×05 Thin Lizzie (Review)


After Baby, it was going to be difficult to have a MotW episode and have it be interesting and I was more than surprised. Nancy Won did a brilliant job of writing the episode. The flow and dialogue proved she’d done her homework.



This was a big throwback to season 1’s Playthings, creepy dolls, dark lighting, serial killer ghosts- so much like what I came to love about the show. The episode followed the legend of the Lizzie Borden Bread and Breakfast and Museum where allegedly, Lizzie hacked up her parents with an axe. Though she was acquitted of all charges, the legend stuck.




Sam was super excited and it was adorable seeing him in his nerd element. There was a good-old days feeling in this episode and you could see it in the easy way that both Ackles and Padalecki acted with.

The funniest scene was when they entered Lizzie’s room, hands-down. Sam with the ‘squeezy thing’, Dean afraid of the doilies and feeling like he ‘got grandma all over’ himself, classic Dean and Sam.

There didn’t turn out to be a ghost in the episode but I did enjoy how the Darkness tied into it. Technically, based on numerous rewatches of episode 3 The Bad Seed, Amara isn’t ‘evil’. She is inherently amoral. It could be paralleled with being soulless, but there would be a lot of aspects that wouldn’t match up. Amara has feelings, which I’m pretty sure are for Dean. She isn’t like Lucifer trying to ruin everything in her way like a child throwing a tantrum. Her approach is more methodical, scaring every dark creature associated with God’s Creation, waiting and getting stronger. It would be possible to conclude that all Amara wants to do is take something from God. He took her freedom, she’ll take his Creation and move on. Amara isn’t tied to Earth so she has nothing to lose.



Coming back to the soullessness, we touched upon Sam’s briefly because Amara had managed to suck souls from two people belonging to very different worlds- Sydney, a young girl having suffered her entire life at the hands of family and strangers and Len, a man who had a good life and loved learning about the Lizzie Borden B&B and had no dark past.



I think the contrast comes here- Len wasn’t dark so being soulless was like being tortured, being empty is worse than being a killer and I think that would’ve driven him mad eventually. Him sacrificing himself so that he could keep others safe was proof that being soulless didn’t mean you were bad. Sydney, on the other hand, was a nuclear reactor of pain. Pain keeps you tied, weak even. When Amara took her pain, she was free from her weakness and had the strength to exact her revenge on her ex-boyfriend,the B&B’s owner, and Jordie’s mom and lover, turning her into a killer. Sydney loved Amara because she freed her but it also turned her into something terrible and sent her to a place that she would never be able to return from.

Dean was repeatedly torn every time Len described what he was ‘feeling’. A lot of people are saying that Amara took his soul but I think his soul might be corrupted from the Mark. He had it for 1.5 years, that would’ve been enough to change the way he acted and thought. Which is why he probably got a look every time Len said he felt ’empty’ or he did things because he knew they were right, not because he felt them. Dean calling their old motto ‘new rules’ isn’t exactly odd. The brothers have been fighting to kill since season 7 or 8 now and it’s not implausible to think that they forgot that demons possessed people with lives and that they should think to save them and not stab them to death. They’ve been surrounded with so much pain and tragedy, along with trying to keep each other alive, things were bound to slip through the cracks.


Sam and Jordie’s heart-to-heart on the steps of the house, it was like future Sam talking to past Sam. Dean saw it too, especially when Sam told Jordie it would get better. Sweet lord, way to make a girl cry.

Amara hiding in the bushes, saying ‘Bye Dean’ was such a fangirl thing. I mean, I would definitely say that that’d be more than half the fandom if they were in that position or have been if they attended the Supernatural conventions.


The final BM scene was perfect, seeing the boys leaning on the Impala, eating burgers, talking, that’s what it’s all about and I adore Nancy Won for including it. I really have missed the little things.

What theories do you have about Dean’s supposed ‘soullessness’? Leave them in the comments below!

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