Supernatural 11×06 Our Little World (Review)


This was a very weird episode in terms of main arcs. Supernatural seems to be experimenting a lot with the way the storyline is being presented and it’s refreshing but it makes me wonder what kind of endgame they have planned.

A Young Gillian Anderson?


There seemed to be a lot of parallels being drawn, between situations and experiences. Amara grows from a tween to a teen, the rebellious kind that likes wearing motorcycle boots and oversized tan jackets while Papa Crowley is trying to get his newly acquired teenaged daughter/ ward under control. The entire situation reminded me of a rich spoiled brat acting out because she could and the father having to put his foot down because his daughter’s behavior was reflecting badly on him. The parenting book during the meeting that Crowley was reading secretly only added to the whole thing.


The Cas is back! He did look like he needed to get out though, totally trashed out on TV. The conversation that Dean has with him over the phone sounded like the very terse version of an intervention that conveyed to Cas, none too lightly, that escaping from reality is over. Cas has been, after the cure, been enjoying a lot of couch time in front of the screen watching Netflix, almost procrastinating returning to reality which showed when he put on his trenchcoat and tried to walk out the door of the bunker to go in search of Metatron. He is suffering a deep PTSD that manifested itself from before the curse, when he couldn’t stop Dean way back in season 10. I don’t think Dean’s even apologized for that yet (or has he?) and that combined with Rowena’s spell and what he did to humans and Dean and Crowley and the Angels, can’t be easy to just let go of. Cas has been a good angel, living harmoniously and coming out on top every day but when Rowena cursed him, he lost it majorly and he’s scared of that bloodlust, it’s probably why he was afraid of finding Metatron and confronting him.


The contrast between Dean’s take on demons and Sam’s was apparent again in the episode with Dean totally going for the ‘sticking the pointy end’ into the demon while Sam wanted to save him. The look on his face when he found the wound on the demon’s chest meant he was past saving even after an exorcism and the smile that Dean gave before stabbing the demon, is it possible Dean’s forgotten that there’s humanity that needs to be saved? Is his bloodlust still there but he can’t tell the difference from Before the Mark was Removed and After so he’s okay with killing? I hope they address this in the coming episodes.


Metatron makes a skeevy human, it was kind of sad but Curtis Armstrong’s delivery of the character was stunning. It’d be hilarious if Lucifer lost his Grace and became like Metatron, he’d probably have a similar life to Metatron’s.


The fights between Cas and Metatron and Sam and the three demons, were very similar at their core. Sam was trying to take back his humanity, choosing to fight the demons and cuffing them with demon traps etched on them instead of stabbing them with his angel blade. When he’s forced to kill the second one and almost kills the third one, there’s a moment of hesitation which is what probably makes him realize that he has to try to save them and stopped. There was this complete look of shock on his face when he realized what he was going to do and stopped immediately.



Cas beat the hell out of Metatron, taking his anger out on him for everything since season 9 (including killing Dean) and flung him around with anger. When Metatron finally breaks and Cas saw how pathetic Metatron really was, I think he realized he’d got his revenge. The former Scribe being human was punishment enough. Also, that scene with his fist bloodied, compared to Sam holding the bloody angel blade- both moments in which they were trained killers, not a human angel and human, literal and metaphorical blood on their hands that they need to wipe out.

The most trivially interesting (except to people who believe Dean is bisexual) was Dean’s reaction to Sam and Crowley mentioning the ‘bromance’ between himself and Crowley the past summer. When Sam mentions the ‘summer of love’, Dean’s reaction was similar to someone who had probably dated someone who they’d never expected to date because it was probably embarrassing. But, when Crowley mentions it, Dean’s eyebrows shoot up in a ‘is that what we’re calling it now?’ look which probably means that there was a whole lot more going on that just a simple bromance and Dean also looked surprised at the way Crowley described it, it sounded like Crowley still wasn’t over them and if he couldn’t have him, no one could so killing Dean would be the easiest thing to do. Well done writers, keep giving us more stuff like this!



The scene between Crowley, Dean and Amara was just weird. Amara wanting out the exact moment Dean shows up? Crowley was more than a little upset and tried to kill Dean which of course meant that Amara had to interfere and break his wrist while demanding safe passage for Dean.


So the entire thing between Amara and Dean is just a bit too creepy. It was semi-inappropriate, not to mention Dean gets this helpless look in his eyes and he can’t resist her. What is this intriguing connection between Dean and her? Could it be as simple as the bond between captor and prisoner? Is this some weird Stockholm situation? Did the Mark being removed from Dean’s arm mean that Amara was indebted to him for setting her free? This is so confusing.

Two major bombs dropped this episode- Amara is God’s sister and Sam is getting visions from the Cage.


What in Hell?

The visions from the Cage, who’re those from? Is Lucifer establishing a connection to Sam because he’s his true vessel and has possessed him which would mean there was residual Grace that he could use to communicate or is it someone else? There are only three supernatural creatures that have possessed Sam- Meg, Lucifer and Gadreel out of which only Lucifer was interested in who and what Sam was.

Amara being God’s sister would explain why she wants to destroy Creation, it was the thing God locked her away because of- Creation stole her freedom, stole her brother from her and now it was time for revenge. The question is, will God try to save his Creation?


I liked the little thing in the bunker between Dean and Cas. Dean thinks , at times, that he isn’t answerable to anyone for his faults except Sam but Sam hasn’t been questioning Dean because he’s been questioning their motto which leaves Dean unaccountable to anyone. But Cas put him in his place and I think he knew Dean was lying when he said that ‘Amara overpowered him’ and that was how she got away. Dean’s scared of the ‘connection’ between him and her and it’s probably making him question if she might make him do something bad or he might do something bad for her.


A lot of people have wondered the relevance of Amara walking in a human crowd with the weird music but I think it’s symbolic. She’s been trapped since before Creation, right now she’s walking with what her brother Created, this is what she was locked away for and she’s enjoying it. When she leans her head back while walking it was like she was savoring the moment, enjoying the air and the crowd and that she was ordinary or looked that way atleast. She has her freedom back.

There were a lot of questions raised in this episode without many answered and it’d be a miracle if they get answered in the next few episodes without raising too many new ones.

Tonight’s episode is the return of Sheriff Donna and murderous bunnies which sounds like fun.

What do you think is the answer to the questions raised? Let me know down below! I know these review posts come a couple of hours before the new episode airs but I promise they will start coming on time.

Hope you liked this post!


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