Doctor Who The Official Doctionary by Justin Richards

My aunt thought this book was a Star Wars book and got it for my cousin brother last summer but it turned out to be Doctor Who so I ended up getting it instead.

*cries* Matt… my sweet giraffe…

Goodreads/ Amazon

Rating- 5/5 Stars

Publisher- BBC

Pages- 175 (Hardcover)

The Official Doctionary by Justin Richards is, you guessed it, a dictionary of all terminology related to Doctor Who. Even though I had started reading it when I got it, I decided to finish it last month.

I loved it. I’ve been away from Doctor Who since last year because I miss Matt Smith a lot so reading this book got me all nostalgic and I’ll be picking up the series again from where I left it.

This is also a perfect gift for a Doctor Who fan for Christmas! If you’re looking for a gift for one of your friends and they have all the merchandise you could imagine to get them and beyond but they haven’t yet started on the books, get them this because they will love you for the entirety of space and time for that.

This was 5 stars without a question.

Are you a Whovian? Let me know down below!



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