Supernatural 11×08 Just My Imagination


When I heard that there was going to be an episode where there would be an imaginary friend, I was skeptical. I hadn’t yet put two and two together that this was the episode that our beloved Trickster, Richard Speight Jr., was going to direct. And I have to say, I freaking LOVED IT.

All the candy!!!


Just enjoy


The episode opened with an early bird Sam which was adorable. He is so oblivious sometimes and seeing his hair all mussed up from his sleep and walking around in pyjamas just felt so normal and cuddly. Then the entire table was full of candy and baked goodies on the kitchen table which were all rainbow colored. Show, you trying to tell us something? Anyway, Sam finally comes face-to-face with his imaginary friend, Sully! Who just happens to be wearing rainbow suspenders which I would love to own.

If Sam was disarmed, Dean was way off. Sam looked like a young kid again and Dean looked like a dad, all business and ‘imaginary friends aren’t real’. I felt like Jensen was channeling himself through Dean as a father. Ugh, the entire thing was so cute. Nate Torrence as Sully was absolutely brilliant.

I need me a Manicorn!
He’s reading the Velveteen Rabbit! It’s my favorite!


Digging the cardigans




So apparently, Supernatural still has more than a few tricks up their sleeves. Sully is Zana, a magical creature that helps children through difficult phases in their life with confidence and then vanish when their task is complete. Sully comes to Sam for help because his friend Sparkle was stabbed to death. Dean’s need to combine two things never fails to amuse. Him coining Manicorn was a perfect example. The little girl’s bedroom is bathed in glittery blood of Sparkle the Manicorn Zana but it is only visible to Sam, Dean and Sully. The mom waltzing in and ending up with blood on her face, that entire scene was comedic gold. Absolutely brilliant.


Totoro really cares about you huh?- Dean Winchester

The next Zana is Nikki the Mermaid and I wasn’t surprised to hear Dean making Ariel references , it’s just so him. Sam was grim and Sully was devastated at the loss of another of his friend’s. His concern for Sam was more than touching which of course, meant Dean making another reference, this time to Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro. Oh yeah, he’s our nerd alright.

Impossibly adorable


The flashbacks to Sam’s childhood with Sully were quite interesting. Young Sam did want to run away but he also wanted to hunt. He’s always been conflicted which is probably part of the reason why he didn’t even hesitate when Dean came to him all those years ago when John went missing. Sully tried to make Sam understand that he was different, that he should run away and leave the life and he almost does if it wasn’t for Dean calling him and telling him he could tag along. The Older Winchester was different back then, he pushed Sam away sometimes I feel. The fight between Sully and Sam and him telling Sully to go away, tears all the way. Gut wrenching pain and all the feels. We’ve seen Dean to that to Cas and it struck a chord.


Weems, our mullet wearing air guitarring Zana felt like a throwback to Ash. My favorite line from the entire episode was probably, “Fat is the best” which is what Sully says in reply to Weems’ “My fat saved me.” Yay Show! Healthy body image all the way.


Another heartbreaking scene was between Sully and Reese, her pain and anger was so palpable. That entire scene had me turning into a mess of sobs and ugliness. Dean and Sam have managed to save each other but Reese was torn apart by the pain of losing her twin. Imagine if Dean or Sam permanently left the other sibling and they didn’t know anything about the supernatural stuff. *dissolves into tears*


There is a big theory that I read about on Tumblr that Sully is what Cas is to Dean. Sam talking about the Darkness to Sully the way he did, unlike the way he discusses it with his brother which is with trepidation, him being so honest and knowing there was no judgement. There are things that Sam has told Sully in the past but not his brother and seeing Sam so vulnerable and just saying- I made a mistake but I’m going to fix it. For that I  might have to go to Hell; it was so simple and Sully just listening to him and telling him- it’s okay, you do what you got to do. I’ll support you no matter what; I think that validation is what he needed. Sam going to the Cage is becoming more inevitable than ever considering that the upcoming episode titles are so dreary. Another  comparison was when Dean calls Sully a ‘good weird’. In the past, he’s called Cas a ‘weird, nerdy angel’. More Destiel acknowledgement?


The BM scene was short but very relevant. Sam wants Dean to consider the reality that he might have to go to the Cage and to Lucifer and Dean just refuses to accept any scenario no matter how remote that even has Sam within thinking distance of Lucifer. It’s a nice sentiment and everything but Dean also needs to realize that some things just need to be done regardless of consequence.

Fun fact- This is the Which Way episode, a little clip which was posted online by the boys on twitter.

All in all, my favorite episode this season. I really really enjoyed the episode in its entirety, everything was so good. It makes me shiver at what might happen in the Winter Finale tonight.

If you’re also clutching your shirt in fear over the finale tonight, high five! I hope you like this very all over the place post. What did you think of this episode? Let me know!


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