Supernatural 11×09 O Brother Where Art Thou? (Mid- Season Finale Review)


This post is unbelievably late and I probably have the worst explanation for it. First off, the episode traumatized me to the point where I couldn’t bring myself to watch the episode again and take proper notes. Then, my aunt and her family were here for the holidays which meant my days were filled with entertaining my cousin sister and spending time with her. Now that I did finally get the guts, it’s been 3 weeks since the episode premiered and ruined me. Anyway, personal feelings aside, the episode had a lot going on that made it difficult to absorb in one go and write everything down. Well, better late than never.

Emily Swallow returned as the Darkness in all her fantastic glory. She brought out a side to Amara that was enigmatic and she embraced her character so well that it made you question whether the storyline was canon or not. The scene with the bloody fountain, at the Church where she asks the Father there where God is, the writers are taking risks by questioning established religious beliefs which was very amazing.

Sam’s premonition of the Cage this time with Lucifer was just the right amount of creepy. It felt as though Mark Pellegrino had never left and was quite thrilling.

Rowena drooling over Lucifer, that was just weird. I’m wondering if the writers are going to go forward on that in some way or not because it looked like her fangirling was there to stay and quite possibly create some havoc. Is it possible she knew that the spell would not hold and that Sam could quite possibly get stuck in Limbo with Lucifer? Her reaction when she found the spell felt too put on, too eager- like maybe there would be more that would happen than anyone could anticipate and because she’s the only one who can read the Book of the Damned, it puts her at an advantage.

There was pretty good humor in this episode. Crowley being shocked at the revelation that Amara was God’s sister and saying- ‘He has relatives?’ Very funny. The burning bush argument between Dean and Sam was priceless even though it was heated. Crowley calling Dean ‘mummy’ because he wouldn’t let Sam go into the Cage unless he was safe, the writers know their stuff and it’s awesome.

Two big parallels this episode were between Dean and Amara and Sam and Lucifer. I’m going to start with Sam and Lucifer first.

Based on subtext, Samifer is shipped by quite a few fans but the things that Lucifer says to Sam, especially when he says, “Are you going to let me ride my way out? Say yes?” was very rapey. The entire situation read like someone coming face-to-face with their assaulter for help at great risk to their mental health and safety. Jared Padalecki did a great job transitioning from Sam’s bravado to his complete and utter fear when he ended up in the Cage with Lucifer. That one single tear was enough to shatter the coldest heart. There were a lot of comments that Lucifer made that were more than suggestive. Was that really necessary? It just felt icky and creepy and very wrong. I don’t want anything more to happen to Sam.

Dean and Amara, this was inevitable based on the first episode and then the trailer but again, was it necessary? What was with her letting his soul go? Did Amara really have to kiss Dean to seduce him, to allow him free will so that he chooses to ally with her? Is that why she stopped from sucking out his soul and, in a way, forcing him to choose a side? What love does Amara have for Dean? What does the Mark do to the bearer when it is removed and the Darkness released?

The three main questions that I was curious about were-

Did Rowena find a spell that would only hold for a limited amount of time, fail to tell Sam and Dean on purpose to get them out of her way and accidentally let Lucifer free?

When Amara is around, is there something in Dean that stops him from acknowledging everything else except for her because he was her keeper before and he feels the need to protect her now for no clear reason and is that what stopped him from answering Sam’s call?

WHERE IS CASTIEL?! Why isn’t he there? Why wasn’t there a mention of him either?

There was one unnecessary plot point that was just weird- why are the angels  organizing against Amara? The attack on her seemed pointless though the unified smite might progress the story further. Does the whole of heaven smiting her mean she’s dead or will it be strong enough to bring God on to the scene to confront his sister once and for all?

This episode was pretty heavy and it’s awful waiting for the next one. What did you think of this episode? Leave your thoughts below.



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