Arrow 4×01-4×09 Review



This is probably my favorite season so far because, guys, it happened- Olicity was more than official and I was basically singing completely off tune and with all my heart. The show has grown with its cast of characters and story line and even though I’m not familiar with the comic books, I still really love where they’re going and hopefully I’ll pick them up soon.

Damien Dahrk is quite an impressive villain but I’m waiting to see when Oliver will discover that the effects of Nanda Parbat actually are detrimental to his powers and might even use Thea to weaken him. I was glad to see Caity Lotz back as the Canary which I feel is a good choice on the part of the show. Her sudden departure in season 3 was most upsetting and seeing her again gives me hope that the writers and network aren’t all idiots.

The episode I most looked forward to since news came out about it was the ConstantinexArrow crossover. I loved Constantine when it came out and I hope it gets picked up because Matt Ryan as John Constantine was simply divine. The episode is my favorite from this season and I’m hoping that there is another one in the coming seasons considering there are many secrets about Lian-Yu that are being revealed which will quite possibly create an opening for more crossover opportunities.

The Thea and Laurel partnership was also quite interesting. They’ve always been at odds with each other and seeing them fight side-by-side on the battlefield and off is really cool. Kudos writers for creating a kick-ass female duo.

The mid-season finale ended on the worst cliffhanger ever, with Felicity’s life in the balance. I have loved that girl since season 1 and I might stop watching if anything happens to her. Someone also dies based on the promo for tonight’s episode and that isn’t comforting in the least. I really hope they don’t fridge another character for story arc.

I really hope tonight’s episode is good. There’s a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding most mid-season premieres of shows and I can’t wait to watch them.

Hope y’all have a good mid-season premiere!




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