The Flash 2×10 Potential Energy (Review)


This past week saw the return of numerous shows with more than a few surprises and the Flash was no exception. This post contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched this episode or the season, stop here and go watch it!


The mid-season finale ended on Harrison Wells making a deal with Zoom to steal Barry’s speed force and it picks up with Harry writing up formulas to ‘slow’ Zoom. Cisco’s idea however, I thought, was pretty genius. Enter Turtle, a meta who can slow time down to give it the appearance of going at the speed of light. The attempts to catch the Turtle actually felt kind of amateur, even ill planned.


I do not like Wally as a character. It is possible to defend him by saying he hasn’t had an opportunity to show up on the map but something about him rubs me the wrong way. His whole bad boy, I don’t care about anything attitude is pretty cliche but I’m worried about the implications on the West family. I have the dreaded feeling that he’s going to get manipulated by someone and then end up dead but not before he causes some decent harm.


Now, to the relationships! The episode basically brought my worst fears to life by breaking up Patty and Barry, especially when he was going to tell her he was the Flash. I really like Patty, she’s adorable and geeky and perfect for Barry but the writers had to go and break them up. PLEASE BRING HER BACK!!!


Jay and Caitlyn seem to have become even stronger. I’m still a bit skeptical with these two because Caitlyn hasn’t had the best luck with the guys and it seems like the writers really like to mess around with her heart. She’s a scientist first guys, treat her like one. Hopefully she’ll find a cure for Jay and it won’t be all about love because Barry might need it too.


Even though I like Harrison Wells 2.0, something feels characteristically familiar to the original. The way he killed Turtle, by extracting his DNA, that was quite brutish. I wonder what repercussions will come from that.

There was also a big return of one of the old baddies which I’m quite interested to see unravel.

How did you like the mid season premiere of Flash? What’re your thoughts on the little twist at the end? Leave your thoughts below!


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