Arrow 4×10 Blood Debts (Review)


The mid-season premiere had me going a bit crazy because I was worried for Felicity and her life and death situation. It was scary seeing her there but maybe it gets better. The last scene suggested that she might be able to walk despite her diagnosis which was that her spine was irreparably damaged- would they really do that? She’s one of the strongest female characters on the show, it would be heartbreaking for fans to see her hurt or be killed.

Oliver’s thirst for vengeance felt like season 1 again except it was very personal and bled into the lives around him. Diggle also took several opportunities to beat the life out of his brother Andy to get at information about Darhk.

Machin is an even crazier character than when he was first introduced. Using his character to get to Darhk was pretty interesting especially when the Green Arrow ends up with Darhk in his debt for saving his family. What does this mean for the enmity between them?

Ever since the Constantine crossover, the flashbacks are becoming more mystical. The tattoo that John Constantine transferred to Oliver’s abdomen, what significance does that have with the orb that Reiter was holding in his possession?

The episode brought up a lot of questions, especially regarding Olicity. I love them to death and I can understand why Oliver was reluctant to be with Felicity at her side but was it really necessary? He couldn’t have visited her even once in the hospital except at the end?

Thea discusses her bloodlust with Laurel, is it possible she might go after Darhk herself at some point that might remove her bloodlust and, just throwing it out there, could also disable his mystic abilities?

Is Darhk’s wife actually in-charge of the whole operation? What role does she have to play?

And the biggest question, WHO IS ACTUALLY DEAD?!?! The reactions are confusing- Felicity is close to the entire Arrow gang so who is it that died? Is it Thea, Captain Lance, Felicity’s mom Donna? WHO?!?!

Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode! What’re your thoughts on who might be the victim?


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