Supernatural 11×10 The Devil in the Details (Review)


Supernatural returned with several atomic bombs the size of angel smitings. The episode written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Thomas J. Wright had something old, something new, something borrowed and a whole lotta blue.

The score for The Road So Far was absolutely amazing, I mean, these guys have perfect taste in music.


Look mommy I got a Sam!

The first scene (which featured in the promo) with Rowena and Crowley in Christmas garb was absolutely crazy but set the premise for the big reveal. Rowena had been working with Lucifer all along. It wasn’t exactly surprising but the whole opener was hilarious. Mark Sheppard did a great job of acting as a seven year old dressed in onesie pajama pants and open presents that featured the Funko Pop! Sam. Guys, the meta is real with this one.



The Cage fight continued with words of persuasion. Lucifer was practically begging Sam to let him ‘jump his bones’ (not in the least bit rapey… NOT) followed by Sam stating firmly that his brother was coming for him. Lucifer was more than surprised at him betting on Dean which is why the Devil got super upset. The memory montage was fun. Seeing Colin Ford all grown up was just awesome. Going back to Stull Cemetery wasn’t the most fun but the shot of the gate was perfect and amazing. Samelia finally came in handy! Well, it served its purpose in season 8 but it served an even higher purpose now, of convincing Sam to not give in no matter what and that was freaking amazing.


So, apparently, Smiting Sickness is a thing and, since we were missing gifs of Dean throwing up, that happened. The poisonous energy got our hero throwing up like he’d been to the Dolly Parton Dixie Stand for the first time. It actually looked like Jensen was throwing up. And Misha was a great angel doctor, the gag reel is probably going to be stitch inducing hilarious.


The scene of the smiting wasn’t that big a deal but the conversation between Ambriel, the Asian nerd angel from Birth and Death statistics, and Castiel was more than interesting. As a Castiel fan, I have loved him since he showed up in season 4. It’s been more than upsetting to see him tossed aside as a prop since season 6. Is this the show’s way of acknowledging that? Ambriel calls Cas ‘expendable’, that he wasn’t a hero and didn’t matter- that broke my heart. Cas is amazing and seeing him broken and doubtful, because he threw away everything for Dean, a human, and being made to feel wrong and guilty about it just didn’t seem even remotely fair. No one hurts my kitten of the Lord and gets away with it and I really hope something more substantial happens in terms of his storyline.

Emily Swallow as the Darkness was as stunning as ever. The entire way in which she absorbs Ambriel’s grace, gathers the Dark that blanketed the smote area and then goes on to confirm Cas’s insecurities without so much as a blink of any feeling was quite stunning. The question is, did the grace affect her or did the smiting? Or was it both?

Okay, so I love Rowena to bits but some of her script just drives me a bit crazy. Calling Lucifer perfection, the Prince of Darkness, her liege, why make her stoop low for an egomaniacal angel? I didn’t like that part one bit and didn’t like it more when she just gets murdered by him. UGH!! And the Witch Catcher, the hell is up with the 50 Shades stuff? Was it just for the joke? And I was just beginning to see her as a human, not a witch, with that final monologue when Crowley asks her why she doesn’t love him. The story she told struck a nerve and she wasn’t the only one in tears.

It was great to see Billie the Reaper, her sass was much needed. And kudos to Dabb for making her read Neil Gaiman’s Death: The Time of Your Life! I’m a die-hard Gaiman fan and seeing that had me jumping around screaming a little. I really want to see how her character plays out and to see more interactions of her with Dean. Her insistence on the password to make him sing De Camptown Races was perfection- write us more things like that!

Another funny I loved and was sweet as well was Dean calling Sam’s cell and getting his voicemail that went along the lines of- ‘Sam can’t talk right now coz he’s waxing…everything’ and the best part was Sam keeping it. It really is the season of the brothers.


Amara’s warning on Cas’s chest was pretty gruesome and the look on Dean’s face when he saw it was a bit difficult to read- was he upset that his friend was mutilated by a supernatural being to send a message or was he scared that she might be coming for him?

The fight in the cage was gruesome. Seeing the boys get beat up and Dean always going after Sam, not once taking the chance to go after Cas, writers what are you doing to my fragile kitten?!?!? HE NEEDS DEAN RIGHT NOW AND YOU’RE TAKING THEM FARTHER APART. STOP IT. I guess they really needed to break him for him to say Yes to Lucifer. Interesting development where archangels can ride shotgun in angel possessed bodies. I mean if Crowley could get into Sam’s head when he was possessed by Gadreel to get him to reject the angel, this isn’t that different from that.


On Cas being possessed by Lucifer, holy buckets of insanity what is going on. It’s one thing to have Misha to play Cas but it’s a completely new universe when you have Misha playing Lucifer and nailing all of Mark Pellegrino’s facial expressions. That was WAY too accurate for comfort. Screamy and Steamy is what I say to that. Also, it looks a lot like Misha being himself more than Lucifer, if Misha ever went completely bad boy. I can’t even imagine what he’s going to be doing with Dean in tonight’s episode.

There was a lot of crazy in this episode with a whole lot more than anyone anticipated. The show really did an amazing job of throwing us off and basically make us lose our minds. I hope tonight’s episode can do the same and a whole lot more.


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