The Flash 2×11 The Reverse-Flash Returns (Review)


The Reverse-Flash Returns was a complete filler episode and it felt so unnecessary it practically broke my heart.

In the mid season premiere (which was great), they teased the return of Eobard Thawne, Eddie Thawne’s descendant and also the one who wore Harrison Wells’ face during season 1. I don’t know what loose end the writers were trying to tie up.

Cisco was severely affected by the paradoxical presence of the Reverse-Flash which acted as a catalyst to strengthen the bond between Harrison Wells 2.0 and himself but was it really necessary or were the writers trying to explore Cisco’s powers further?

Patty…sweet Patty… COME BACK TO BARRY ALREADY!!! The post breakup awkwardness was more than palpable and though Patty was being normal, Barry was more than hurt. Grant Gustin did a great job of putting those feelings across and my heart just ached with sadness at their separation all over again. I’m still holding out hope that Patty wont go to MCU and for some reason is forced to stay in Central City allowing her and Barry to work things out.

Cisco is becoming an increasingly interesting character. His newfound powers give the team a big advantage but seeing them in action against Zoom would give a whole lot more weight to the coming episodes. The chemistry between Harry and Cisco has proved that the duo are formidable geniuses and can work brilliantly together. What do you have in store for us tonight?

Caitlin’s doppleganger hunt for Jay was a good endeavour but I was sad at the fruitlessness of the search. Jay was right that his cells were mutated and couldn’t be replaced by the doppleganger’s which makes me worry for how long his character lasts. Unless they manage to stop Zoom and recover his speed.

All in all, a fairly weak episode. The only thing this episode served to do was tie up how Eobard Thawne knew who’s face to take. I hope tonight’s episode comes back stronger.


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