Arrow 4×11 A.W.O.L. (Review)


This week’s Arrow saw the return of Goth Felicity, first introduced in season 3’s The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak. It was great to see a Felicity-centric episode again and I was not disappointed.

After the diagnosis of her spinal injury, I was a bit skeptical of how Felicity was taking everything- she’s been a part of Team Arrow for 4 years and just taking things in stride would be the natural way but our beloved hacker isn’t like that and sure enough, her insecurities manifested as her older, domineering self. The back and forth between her old self and her was like watching a tennis match. Goth Felicity was ruthless, pointing out every flaw, insecurity and problem that Felicity wasn’t thinking about and laying them out on the table. I loved Emily Rickards’ acting in these scenes, she’s really talented. Oliver really steps up in the episode and helps Felicity with her flaking self-esteem and reassures her of her presence on Team Arrow and gives her a nickname too, ‘Overwatch’. I was wondering when that was going to happen and I’m glad that the most vital player of Team Arrow finally has her nickname.

The rest of Team Arrow has taken a backseat what with John’s story being given a focal point. In the last episode, the brothers were starting to pick up the frayed edges of their relationship to start repairing it and this episode saw the slow reforging of those threads. Andy Diggle is a very interesting character and seeing him on his brother’s side, in the flashbacks and in reality, reminded be of another brother duo and it made me crazy happy. Eugene Byrd plays a great anthropologist on Bones and seeing him play the bad guy turned good in the short time that he’s been on the show was nice.

The sudden dismissal of Amanda Waller, head of ARGUS, felt a bit odd. I know her character’s been fading for a while now but I have a feeling she’s going to come  back in some of the flashbacks considering Oliver went on mission for her back to Lian-Yu.

The main arc was left out and this was a complete filler episode. There were sweet moments and the season lives a much lighter tone as compared to the past. I hope tonight’s episode brings a whole lot of punch with it, kinda miss the amazing action sequences of the show.


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