Suits 5×11 Blowback (Mid Season Premiere Review)


After months and months of waiting, Suits returned with a heart stopping mid season premiere. The mid season finale had Mike being escorted out of Pearson Specter Litt in handcuffs and Harvey giving up his partnership. The opener picked up right where they left off.

Mike’s secret has been long in the making of coming out and this was not how I expected it would happen. The show is going back to its roots in season 1 and it feels really good.

The one problem I have with this season is Robert Zane’s role in all of this- he may or may not be Mike’s potential father-in-law but having Rachel call her father to help her fiance, felt a bit weird. First instinct would be to call Harvey because he knows but her father? Odd.

I loved Harvey in his big brother mode of protecting Mike. I’ve never seen Mike so scared since season 1 and Harvey stepping in to help him out was a big yes for me. And of course, Harvey boxing at the gym again. HELL YES.

The new lawyer in town, Anita Gibbs, is ruthless. She’s just waiting to burn Harvey or Jessica and it was more than evidenced with her going after everyone. I have a feeling that the new season is just getting started.

Donna is back to Harvey! It’s been meaning to happen and to see Louis be the bigger man and let her go back to him and help him out, *wipes tear*. I might just be on board Team Litt.

I missed Scottie, and I really hope they bring her back in a bigger role. Harvey and her got off on such a bad note that I just want to make things okay between those two, get them back to some semblance of friendship.

Mike’s face-off with Jack Soloff was priceless. I was in awe of that entire scene where he threatened Jack to rat him out that all I could do was scream and clap. Brilliant, so completely brilliant.

The biggest question now is, who was the rat and how long before Rachel and Mike end their engagement? Their relationship is fraught with too much tension and no matter how much Rachel loves Mike, I’m pretty sure Robert Zane is going to break them up and take Rachel away to his firm. It’s just speculation for now but it is plausible.

I hope tonight’s episode is just as amazing as this one.

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