Supernatural 11×11 Into the Mystic (Review)


The newest episode of Supernatural is probably one of my favorites for the season. This show constantly amazes me and this one was no different.


The boys are hunting a Banshee, a woman in flowing red robes who preys on the vulnerable. Our story starts 30 years in the past, when the Banshee first appears and kills a couple and leaves a child deaf. The mother manages to banish the Banshee before she succumbs to her injuries but the damage was already done to the daughter she would never come to know.


Sam is tortured by the voice of Lucifer in his head. His voice torturing him way back in season 6 & 7 and Sam resorting to dismantling and reassembling guns as a coping mechanism was a familiar site but nonetheless telling. Sam hasn’t been okay since the visions he was getting but this was what I would call breaking point- needing an old distraction to keep calm. When Dean showing up with the paper and a case seemed like it had no effect on him and it broke my heart to see him so distant and withdrawn.






The sass on this one


He’s really having fun this season

Lucifer, or Lustiel as I like to call him, is having a gala time strolling in the park, feeding ducks, and being not evil in general. Misha’s acting is more than perfect, his mannerisms and facial expressions so similar to those of Mark Pellegrino’s, you can tell he’s been working hard. Or he’s just being Misha which would also make sense. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Misha’s acting feel so natural and less weighed down in a while and even though I want Lucifer back in the Cage, I’m really happy that Misha gets to explore his acting skills. The angel hunting him was a total amateur, all I did was laugh when Lustiel killed him with a snap of his fingers. But the icing on the cake was him licking the blood from his fingers, I lost it when he did that.


One thing that broke my heart, Sam not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The boys standing at the doorstep of the retirement home and Dean suggesting they book a place but Sam saying they might never make it damn, right in the feels. Also, Dean’s not all that depressed, he SEES LIGHT! HALLELUJAH!



Eileen was a refreshing new face and her being deaf added to the brilliance. Having a deaf hunter on the show who is also a legacy of the Men of Letters, sign language, lip reading, I’m even more in love with this show. Her interactions with Sam were so heartfelt and honest, she reminded me of a Younger Sam from so many seasons ago. Shoshannah Stern is an amazing actress and I would love for her to come back again.


Mildred was quite the character. Dee Wallace was a total Dean Girl. We couldn’t get enough of Agent Osbourne either Ms. Baker. The most amazing scene that I saw with her in it was her taking Dean to the couch and watching the sunset together, them discussing about her Patsy Cline Tribute band, and her telling him to follow his heart and there would be no regrets. Those words had a profound effect on him and I’m hoping it has a greater effect on him in the next few episodes.

Can’t Dean see that isn’t Cas?!?!

That grin is trouble for everyone, especially Dean

So, apparently Misha is one layer away from being shirtless. We haven’t seen Cas in less than a trenchcoat since season 9 and seeing him tossing around stuff in the bunker as Lustiel and looking for a spell, god help his fans coz I was too busy trying not to lick my screen. The conversation he has with Dean about Amara, I have a feeling it’s going to come bite Dean later. And the touching while saying it doesn’t help even though I would say that was very necessary. What is Lustiel going to do with that information? And why does he have to be drop dead hot?


The BM moment was good, what with the awesome Winsync going on. Sam finally got to, once and for all, get all his feelings about season 8 out and I’m so very glad that Dean had forgiven him long ago. Sam has been carrying the weight of that ‘betrayal’ for so long and seeing him let that go and walk a little more tall was great. I know that Dean notices Cas more but why do I have the feeling that Cas’s duplicity will be found by Sam before Dean and that he’ll tell him about Amara? Could it be possible?





Who are you pining for Dean? Who’s keeping you awake?

Sam was happily asleep by the end but Dean was more than troubled. Amara is troubling him to the point where he’s losing his sleep. Or is it something else?

Sam is now a mountain. New nickname guys!


Oh yeah, toally

Mildred and Eileen were my favorite characters throughout. Their conversations about the boys were so spot on and perfect that I could have sworn that they were fangirls themselves. Good job show!

Tonight’s episode returns with our favorite Wayward Daughters, Claire and Sheriff Mills! Will Claire recognize Cas as Lucifer before the boys? Can’t wait to see!


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