Arrow 4×12 Unchained (Review)


This season of Arrow has been very dark but it got darker with the effects of the Lazarus Pit affecting Thea to the point of incapacitating her. That was something I would probably have never seen coming and it turned the episode in the direction of tonight’s episode.

Roy Harper’s return was a pleasant surprise. Colton Haynes’s return to the show reminded me how much I miss Arsenal and I hope he’ll come back more often to the show. But the new villain in town is the one that really got me. The Calculator, a hacker so skilled so as to rival those of Felicity’s. The massive twist at the end left me more shocked than anything and made me wonder what would happen next.

Nyssa and her quest to claim her place as rightful heir in Nanda Parbat, that was fun to watch. I love Katrina Law, she’s crazy badass as Nyssa and her arc is starting to develop from helpless captive to something more. I didn’t expect there to be a loyal following to the true heir and I loved every minute. Her swordfight with Tatsu was epic and we really need more of those on TV because the last time I saw something similar was probably in Kill Bill. I can’t wait to see if Nyssa succeeds or not.

Even though a lot has already happened on the show so far, I have a feeling that a whole lot more is going to happen that’s going to have a bigger, and more significant impact on how the story progresses. Many characters’ lives hang in the balance and I really want to see the outcome.


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