Suits 5×12 Live to Fight… (Review)


Considering the storm that the last few episodes have been, this episode was almost mild, concentrated more on Donna and her past than Harvey and Mike fighting for Mike’s innocence.

It was interesting glimpse into Donna’s life who I’ve idolized since I’ve laid eyes on her. Her childhood was difficult and she lost a lot of what she loved which is why, I think, she works as hard as she does so that she’s indispensable. The father angle in this episode was more of a prop than anything but it served a satisfactory purpose.

Anita Gibbs is just as scary as ever. It feels like the star lawyer duo are barely hanging on this time around and it could be the end of them even which is probably very doubtful.

Jeff Malone returned to the scene as Jessica’s lawyer, could this be the fracturing of the family? Jessica has always done everything with Louis, Harvey, and Mike but what implications could hiring Malone as her attorney in this affect the relationships and the firm?

There’s a lot yet to happen and I can’t wait to see the surprises they have in store for us.


4 thoughts on “Suits 5×12 Live to Fight… (Review)

  1. For some reason, I don’t trust Malone. Everyone in the show has a flaw and he doesn’t seem to have one. Uh, uh, I don’t trust him.
    The show seems a bit formulaic now. Donna leaving Harvey was a huge deal and it brought up new issues and revamped the relationships in the office but now she’s back with him, which makes this part of the season too similar to the one before it when Donna was fired (memory foggy but I believe she was fired once or suspended or something). She came back too quickly and I’m upset about that.
    I’m looking forward to see how the dig themselves out of this hole though. Gibbs is pretty awesome.

      1. Yea. I like that they’re scared though. That is the only new thing in this season so far. And I like how the show that Mike’s secret disrupts everyone’s lives.

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