Supernatural 11×12 Don’t You Forget About Me (Review)


This episode should be renamed Wayward Sons and Daughters Unite! The episode was probably the most family centric I’ve ever seen in the 11 seasons of the show and it was amazing. It was a weak Monster of the Weak episode but there was a deeper meaning to be picked out from there. vlcsnap-2016-02-11-02h11m13s189vlcsnap-2016-02-11-02h11m37s393vlcsnap-2016-02-11-02h11m54s545vlcsnap-2016-02-11-02h11m55s219

Freaking nerds


Awesome Awkward Family Dinners

The show saw the return of Sheriff Jody Mills, Claire Novak and Alex Jones who we haven’t seen in SO LONG! The episode was big on feels, family, and the family business which was more than just interesting to see. Of course stunning performances from Kat Ramdeen and Kathryn Newton coupled with amazing facial expressions from Kim Rhodes, Jensen, and Jared more than added to the awesome of this episode.

Being a lighter episode, it helped forget the impending doom of the Darkness. Seeing the boys enjoy a homecooked meal like the kids they are had me squeeing until the end of days. The parallel drawn between the sons and daughters was my favorite. Alex, wanting nothing to do with hunting and wanting to go to school, college, have a good life, escape her past was a stark reminder of Sam when he left for Stanford. Whereas Claire was obsessed with hunting, making so many mistakes along the way, reckless even until someone taught her the ways of the life. I can imagine Dean being that way, finding small cases while his dad was away and getting them wrong is quite plausible.

The episode was so completely focused on family and it was warm and fluffy. It was more than just awesome. Talking about sex at the dinner table was almost everyone’s favorite scene in the entire episode because Dean’s expressions were priceless, worthy of being stored in a museum because they were that good.

Based on the whacked out trailers that we’ve been getting from our SPN crew, tonight’s episode is going to be bloody and dark, hopefully there’ll be a return to the main arc and we’ll finally know what happened to Crowley.


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