The Flash 2×12 Fast Lane (Review)


My review for last week’s Flash episode is really late (the new episode aired today) and it’s because I was quite annoyed at the turn the show took.

The main story arc of Zoom has been getting ignored mostly which leaves not much happening in an episode and last week’s felt like a half hearted attempt at story writing.

Everything about the episode focused on the obvious- Iris and Wally, Wally and Joe, Harry and Barry, Harry and the stealing of the speed force- everything dealt with in an overt way, as though they were trying to tie up loose ends.

I felt the episode could’ve had a whole lot more than what it did because I really feel like I have nothing to talk about except of how obvious it was. Guys, kick it up a notch! I hope tonight’s episode delivers and the next few episodes pick up on the main arc.


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