The Flash 2×13 Welcome to Earth 2 (Review)


The latest episode of the Flash is one I’ve been looking forward to since the mid-season premiere and I’m a bit on the fence about it.

In terms of main arc development, there was literally nothing happening. Zoom came on to the scene briefly but there was not big confrontation or showdown with the Flash or even a few threats thrown. Very staid, plain, it feels like things will only pick up around episode 17 or 18.

I was more than happy to see everyone’s dopplegangers. Seeing Barry and Cisco be cute little nerds at Star Labs 2.0 was the more adorable thing ever and them getting scared at seeing the bad guy scientist was priceless. Also, when they went through the portal, they showed Supergirl, is there a crossover in the making?

Killer Frost and Deathstorm stole the show in this episode. Danielle Panabaker has played nothing but good girls in everything I’ve seen and seeing her as Killer Frost really brought something new to the table in terms of her acting skill. I really liked that she embraced Killer Frost the way she did and gave a more sinister edge and life to the character. Robbie Amell as Deathstorm really did a great job. It’s hard to imagine someone with such a sweet disposition be evil- very thrilling.

Cisco evil? WHOA! Knocked it out of the park! Carlos Valdes was more than just cool and wore the villainous air so well you could never have guessed that he was actually a nice guy on another earth. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Cisco is going to do with those things that Reverb told him.

Based on the turns the show is taking, is it possible that Jay might get his powers back? Caitlin and he have been trying to get a better and more improved serum of Velocity ready but will it kick Jay’s meta-human genes into gear permanently or will Barry lose his powers too and be forced to take Velocity to keep his speed? Ugh, so many questions.

The episode concentrated more on bringing the characters of Earth 2 alive and the conclusion to this 2 part episode, I hope, is heart stopping and world shattering.

How did you like the latest episode of the Flash? Let me know in the comments!


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