Suits 5×13 God’s Green Earth (Review)

If there’s one thing I’m loving in Suits right now, it’s that everything that we’ve come to love and that’s been saved from terrible situations is now being picked apart piece by piece. The writers have no guilt about causing us pain and that’s pretty neat.

The battle for the latest episode was focused on the future of Pearson Specter Litt and Rachel’s possible expulsion from Columbia because of Mike allegedly taking LSATs for people in the past. It’s amazing how they’re unraveling everything like a ball of wool.

Jessica is in deep water. Harvey’s off defending Mike while she and Louis work to get more associates but are sent resumes from only three which weren’t the usual standard they’re used to getting. The pain of that, to see your firm on the verge of collapsing right infront of your eyes is something I can’t even begin to understand. I can’t wait to see how Jessica and Louis get through this.

Jack seems like he’s backed off a bit. Him giving up the leverage Hardman had on him to earn her trust was a big move but does that mean that Jessica might owe him his name on the door if and when the firm emerges from the current crisis?

Honestly, I’ve never liked Rachel and seeing Anita Gibbs use her to get to Mike gave me a weird sort of satisfaction. Her character is at best a placeholder that is being used to develop the case that Gibbs has on Mike but it ends there. Seeing Mike deal with Gibbs getting to Rachel was a lot more fun.

Each episode’s end, the problem of the day seems solved and I don’t like that. It’s too neat and I really would prefer if things actually went crazy and got messier than they are. I guess the next episode will shed more light on how the season will possibly end.

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