Arrow 4×13 Sins of the Father (Review)

The latest Arrow episode picked up from the last one, Thea in the hospital and Felicity meeting her dad for the first time. There were strong parallels between Felicity and her father and Thea and Malcolm, both have father’s that are criminals and put themselves before anyone. With Malcolm it was being Rha’s and commanding the League of Assassins and with Felicity’s father it was being a hacktivist. Though Felicity’s father had minimal onscreen time, I’m sure he’s going to make a big villain somewhere in the future.

The remaining arc was interesting. The League of Assassins has always been my favorite and the continued arc was more than welcome. The division between the ranks of Nyssa al’Ghul and Malcolm was fascinating especially when there was a duel between them and Oliver used the loophole to defend Nyssa, his wife. Interesting, I never thought that would ever come into play but I loved the way it was used in the episode.

Oliver cutting off Malcolm’s hand to give Nyssa the Demon’s Head ring, that was unexpected. Malcolm has been a relatively background character despite John Barrowman’s superb acting but it appears as though it’s picking up. Malcolm has always wanted to be Rha’s and having that taken away from him permanently by Nyssa makes him very dangerous. His meeting with Dahrk and offering Oliver’s son as a weakness, it isn’t going to be pretty.

I love Nyssa but I didn’t like that she disbanded the League. Yes, her reasons were right but really? The most elite organization of assassins just set loose on the world? It doesn’t feel right and I’m hoping it comes back in some way.

Tonight’s episode seems more than promising and I cannot wait to see what happens.


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