Supernatural 11×13 Love Hurts (Review)

The Supernatural special theme episodes are some of the funnest episodes in the show and this Valentine’s Day themed episode was no different.


The MotW didn’t hold anything to the most epic brotherly moments since the Kripke seasons. I laughed, screamed, gaped, squeed, it was all amazing. The boys hunt a Qareen, a creature that takes the form of one’s deepest desire and the curse transfers through kisses. Literally, a Kiss of Death because unless you pass it on, you’re going to die. Ah, way to show people you love them.

Seeing Dean post-Valentine’s Day all hungover and hickeyed was just perfect. That’s how I’ve always imagined Dean to be, simple, uncomplicated, a hopeless romantic and I love that the writers are bringing that back. Sam was adorable and played his part of oh-my-God-Dean-why part and it was just so familiar that it brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I really love the brotherly love and the way it’s been growing and bonding them stronger than ever. They haven’t been this way since seasons 1 and 2 and it’s great to see that part of them again.

The biggest reveal of all happened- Dean told Sam he was attracted to Amara in a not so nice way and Sam understood. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE OH MY PUPPIES YOU SWEET THINGS YES TALK, UNDERSTAND, BE FAMILY!!!! It was way more than I hoped for and if I could’ve reached through the screen and hugged them, I would’ve. That’s how proud I am of them.


The funnies flowed in this episode- especially the most epic of moments since Eye of the Tiger- Dean finally winning rock, paper, scissors. That entire scene was unscripted so it was like seeing Jensen beat Jared and then just waltz out like the happiest kitten ever. GUYS HELP I CANNOT GET OVER IT!!!!


This episode was significant in the way of the brothers uniting against Amara despite what Dean told Sam of his feelings for her and him asking for help from Sam. It’s a big step and it’ll be really interesting to see how that unfolds considering we haven’t had Amara and Sam in the same room since episode 5 or 6.

Tonight’s episode, our boys go back in time and Dean’s in the Navy. I hope it’s just as crazy as I think it might be.


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