The Flash 2×14 Escape from Earth-2 (Review)

The newest Flash episode was different and I really liked it. Barry-2 was adorable and flaily and nothing like the Barry Allen that we’ve come to know. Grant Gustin really pulled out all the stops with Barry-2 and I hope there’s more of the Earth 2 characters to surprise us.

Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost is literally my favorite character that she’s played. I remember her in Sky High and that character is similar to Caitlin Snow but seeing her be evil as Killer Frost and betraying everyone to Zoom was so different and unlike the characters she usually plays.

The biggest person I was curious about was the meta-human in the cage with Jess and Barry. The coded message that he sends them pertains to Jay but why ask about him? That insanely mysterious link drove me crazy. Is that meta known to Jay? Does he have information on how to defeat Zoom or retrieve his speed?

Jay and Caitlin developing Velocity 9 to activate his latent cells, interesting. But will it actually hold? OR can they develop like an anti-serum of that and extract Zoom’s speed? Would that even be plausible?

The main arc of the story was pretty strong. I don’t know what they’re going to do after closing the Star Labs breach there’s no other way that I can think that will let them go to Earth 2 or Zoom to come through. Could the Supergirl and Flash crossover (SuperFlash) have something to do with ending Zoom? Is it sane to expect that the DEO might help Central City’s Flash Squad to defeat Zoom in some way?

The characters seem to be becoming more cohesive. It’s been nothing but headbutts so far but they’re coming together slowly and it’s really awesome. I don’t know when the next Flarrow crossover is but I can’t wait to see everyone together.


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