Suits 5×14 Self Defense (Review)

Last week’s Suits has the story escalating to the point where you worry for your favorite family of lawyers. The threat of Anita Gibbs has everyone holding on by a thread and everyone on edge that they are not thinking clearly and just fighting with everyone. Having a mock court session with Mike as his own defense was proof of the desperation with which everyone is trying to get Anita off their backs and back to business. There’s too much at risk.

I knew when Harvey called Rachel as his first witness it was to antagonize Mike to get him to give up on the idea of being his own defense. In those moments you wonder how much pain the characters are going through to do and say those things to the people they love and hold dear. The fake marriage plan felt a bit far fetched but not completely implausible and I was quite impressed with the execution.

I did feel bad for Donna. Anita calling her to the stand as a witness so suddenly and her faltering was so unlike her and I loved how well Sarah Rafferty delivered that very human vulnerability, proving that Donna isn’t all sass and composure but can be broken because she loves so deeply and fiercely. I absolutely loved that.

I never liked Trevor, he’s a drug dealing liar who ruined Mike’s life and him acting all high and mighty was very hypocritical. Is it bad of me to want him to get what he deserves?

Jimmy stepping up for Mike was very nice. It was surprising because I was thinking they might have to resort to using Harold Gunderson but I’m glad that he was a help to Mike.

This show is picking up the heat and it’s really great. Tonight’s episode is going to be just as crazy and angsty if not more.


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