Arrow 4×14 Code of Silence (Review)

Arrow has found its balance this season and I really like it. This episode focused more on the brains behind Dahrk, Ruve Adams his wife. It’s interesting to see her interactions with Oliver the Mayoral Campaign Candidate and the Green Arrow and not for a moment recognize his jawline and call him out. I won’t be surprised if he does get revealed to them as the Green Arrow before they either die or go into hiding. If there’s one thing I have learnt, it’s that she’s just as if not more ruthless than her husband and it’s frightening in a way that Damien Dahrk is not. Dahrk is formidable because of his training in the League of Assassins, being Rha’s al-Ghul’s enemy, and possessing mystical powers that give him an advantage. Ruve on the other hand is a woman who has a single objective in mind, to raze Star City and rebuild it in her image and she will do anything to do it. I’m pretty sure she’s the mastermind behind Dahrk’s plan and her fearlessness and ability to look at Oliver Queen like he’s a bug that needs to squished and who believes that it’s not difficult, yeah she’s scary and I’m more intimidated by her than any villain in this universe.

The Oliver’s illegitimate son storyline seems to be surfacing with Thea confronting Oliver about it. Her acceptance of Oliver’s wanting it to be a secret was very mature of her and with the effects of the Lazarus Pit now gone thanks to Nyssa, her character’s very mature and grown up. I’ve slowly started liking Thea and I hope she keeps getting better.

The sweetest scene in the entire episode was Curtis giving Felicity the most amazing gift in the history of gifts. What he created for her really blew me away and I sobbed like a little girl. It was one of those things that get sprung on you from nowhere but make sense eventually.

The flashbacks are dragging. There hasn’t been anything interesting happening since the Constantine-Arrow crossover and I’m really starting to hate those scenes. I trust that they’re planning for something bigger but in the mean time I’m pretty bored and more than once have almost skipped through those parts.

I haven’t seen today’s episode yet but I hope it’s great.


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