Supernatural 11×14 The Vessel (Review)

The Vessel or as I like to call the episode, “The Return of Those Nazi Bastards” was a pretty fun episode. I love how the show can twine history with mythology and have a really solid storyline going.


The time travelling aspect returned but when you have Lucifer at the helm, there’s more than a little chance that things will go sideways. But the last time this happened, the boys went to hunt a phoenix in the 19th century. This time, it wasn’t half as funny with Dean volunteering and claiming he was the least important player in this whole game. Way to stab my heart writers. I understand why Dean would say that, Amara has put him in a bad situation again, he’s compromised but I’m hoping against hope that it’ll be Dean to end Amara and overcome this ‘bliss’ or whatever he feels when she’s around.


Well, at least Sam drinking all the coffee did some good. His research leads him to an artifact that directly relates to God, meaning that they can use that to zap Amara back into the abyss she crawled out from. Yay! How do you get it? You time travel to a submarine in the 1940s during World War II and dress up as a sailor hoping to locate it aboard without your favorite angel sidekick.



Enter Delphine Seydoux: the most badass, awesome, Woman of Letters. From the opening when she slays the Thule commander and takes the Hand of God to her encounter with Dean and how she handles what he tells her. Wow, she really was amazing and I haven’t been so pleased to see someone like that since Charlie.




Lustiel, on the other hand, is just amazing. The absolute amazing way in which Misha has been playing Lucifer blows my mind everytime. From treating Crowley like his pet puppy, actually making it feel as though Crowley was his pet dog and not just the most powerful demon and tricking Sam and Dean into thinking he was still Castiel, dear God help me. Each moment in which he has to play Castiel and the moments when he’s Lucifer, the shift actually scares you. I do miss Castiel a lot but I am so in awe of Misha’s acting skills and his taking on Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer the way he has. When Sam realizes he’s Lucifer and he threatens Sam, I screamed. I felt like the world was going to end it was that crazy and I was that scared. But I’m glad we actually got Cas back even if it was only for a moment. My angel’s still strong and I hope we get him back. Staying Lucifer’s hand probably meant we won’t be seeing him again for a while.


But damn, Mark Sheppard playing supplicant to Lucifer. His broken, beaten look, like he’s done and the rest of the demons looking at him like he was the scum of Hell, the vulnerability is so well acted. The entire smallness of his being, in his little cage and when Lustiel is torturing him or hurting him, oh how the mighty fall.



Even though the episode was a main arc episode, I felt like it was mostly pertinent to Dean. That final moment on the USS Bluefin when Delphine decides to use the Hand to destroy the Germans and sacrifice herself, the haunted look in his eyes is just heartbreaking. Hearing him tell Sam that he was helpless and he couldn’t do anything to save everyone and that broke him inside, that was some amazing acting and a lot like how us as fans felt too. It really did break my heart to see Delphine and all those people die.


This was a serious episode but it probably had one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen with Misha in them- Lustiel dripping wet and coming down the stairs in the bunker because the submarine was warded against angels. He actually looked like a cat that got wet and was crazy mad. Hilarious!

This season so far is basically screams and more screams and I’m loving how it’s going. I just hope no one dies at the end of this season because I really don’t want to break my laptop or something.



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