The Flash 2×15 King Shark (Review)

The Flash returned to fishy waters with King Shark. I would call it a semi-crossover with John and Lila. The after effects of the previous episode were more interesting than the shark meta.

Cisco is more than a little disturbed after meeting Killer Frost. His attitude toward Caitlin is so different from what it has been because he keeps thinking that she’s going to turn into her doppleganger. Perfect acting from Danielle Panabaker and her handling the loss of Jay. It’s strong acting from her, focusing only on her work and trying to locate King Shark with an extremely logical frame of mind was a lot of fun to see.

Jess finally got to prove some of her genius when she helps her father create a way to track King Shark from the information they get. I would like to see her do a whole lot more.

The Barry-Wally conflict feels a bit dragged out. It did get resolved, I felt, in this episode and I’m pretty sure he’s going to have to tell Wally about being the Flash but for now, it seems like the boys are at odds without wanting it to be that way.

In the big reveals section, WE FINALLY KNOW WHO ZOOM IS AND OH MY GOD I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING!!!! I was expecting it to be Barry 2’s unknown twin brother or something but Jay’s twin is Zoom?!?!? How did that even happen???? Did he create Zoom with all the Velocity he took?? An image that came alive and started terrorizing Earth 2???

This season got seriously good and I cannot wait to see how the next few episodes turn out. This show always keeps the good stuff for the final 7-8 episodes and this episode had the best ever reveal.

It’s going to be a while before we see the next episode. Hopefully it’ll be out next week and not on the 15th of March because I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT!!!

What did you think of that super insane reveal?

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