Suits 5×15 Tick Tock (Semi-finale Review)

I could never have thought or even remotely conceived that this show could have me screaming in pain and suffering but it did and it was very difficult to do anything after except stay in my safety blanket.

The mid-season premiere and subsequent episodes have been more than a little emotionally challenging with massive character and plot developments and this episode pulled out all the stops. You’d think they’d want to keep the fans alive but no, they’re just ripping everything and everyone apart.

Seeing Harvey fight with the decision to let Mike fight for himself was a really big deal. I’ve always seen him as the older brother to Mike, a protector and best friend but seeing him let go of that need to control and admit to himself that some things might be beyond what even he can do was a big step.

Mike hunting down Gloria was a clever move. It was proof that he was a lawyer in all respects of the world but it was also a bit of a tricky one. It proved to Anita Gibbs that he is an amazing lawyer but to use a woman who had just lost her son was a bit tasteless. Desperate times I know but it could have gone a lot of different ways than the way it did. It could have faltered and ruined everything giving Anita anything she could possibly need to prove that Mike was a fraud and that Pearson Specter Litt was in on it.

Louis is seriously becoming a favorite character this season. He really is someone who inspires you to love your place of work because the fervor with which he loves his firm is amazing and it squeezes my heart every time I think about what he might be going through with all that’s going on. I was glad that though he was desperate enough to almost strike a deal with Anita Gibbs, he had the good sense to talk it out with people he loves and trusts and ask for their help and take their advice. Rick Hoffman has truly brought this character to life and seeing him act this episode was magnificent.

The Harvey and Donna scenes were so fraught with pain and suffering and the need to make everything okay and to the way things were. When Donna refuses to involve her friend Vanessa to break the law but basically insists on Harvey finding another way was a very powerful moment because I have never seen her refuse anything he has asked of her. That scene had a lot of weight and meaning and I really liked it.

At the end when Harvey goes to Donna to see her at her apartment broken, lost, in need of answers, it was a very visceral vulnerability that Gabriel Macht brought to Harvey spectacularly. The way he acted, portraying Harvey not as invincible just brought tears to my eyes. Harvey loves his little family and always has and seeing him go through those feelings of guilt, what ifs, wishing for miracles to somehow bail them out of this mess really strikes at the heart and just leaves you with wet sleeves and snot everywhere.

Jessica Pearson is a fearsome creature who is basically the most stable in this time of crisis for everyone. I just wish she had a lot more screen time. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an impact but I just miss seeing Gina Torres sweeping in and solving everything. I haven’t seen the finale yet so I can’t say how she fares in it.

Now to the truly heartbreaking part- Mike walking in a daze out of the courthouse and to Anita Gibbs’ office. Oh. My. Heart. I knew where he was going but just for a moment I was hoping he wasn’t. When Harvey talks to Rachel and asks where Mike is and just knows what he’s going to do was just so difficult to handle. I mean, screaming at a television screen won’t do anything but I really didn’t have a choice when it came to that. It really was very horrifying and the idea of Mike taking one of her deals was unimaginable. Very emotionally stressful.

The biggest question in this episode- “Which deal?”

5 thoughts on “Suits 5×15 Tick Tock (Semi-finale Review)

      1. I was super upset. But this adds a new twist to the show. When is it coming back? Will it come one year after and will Mike be on parole? So that’ll be interesting to see

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