Supernatural 11×15 Beyond the Mat (Review)

The last episode of Supernatural was a fun one and a great throwback to the Winchester boys’ childhood. The opening with the perfect bottle throw catch was, as always, awesome. Winsync for the win.


I still don’t understand why Destiel isn’t canon. It pretty much is because the subtext is barely subtext anymore but I guess it’s more fun this way. The conviction and determination, desperation with which Dean tells Sam that they will save Cas is just so full of love and wanting to protect him and it’s just-ugh. *melts*



I love how Casifer (Lustiel as I prefer to call him) is running Hell. The demons running around and him bossing them around to look for the next Hand of God. I have to say, Misha’s having a whole lot of fun playing Lucifer and it shows in every movement, every little thing that’s done unconsciously like a little peek of his tongue before he speaks or giving a wink to his subordinates or even calling someone”doll face”. He has the most insane and awesome dialogue and frankly, I’ve never been more in love with everything. The song playing in the background which was a cover of the Venga Boys just brought back so many childhood memories. Damn, the 90s were good.


The way Mark acts the submissive puppy is beautiful. I don’t doubt that Misha isn’t taking advantage of the situation but my my Mark Sheppard is delivering home run after home run with these episodes recently. The absolute broken down version of a demon who ruled Hell with an iron fist brought down to being Devil’s pet dog, while biding his time, sublime.

The boys were in such a different light! It was easier for them, more relaxed despite the fact that it was a case with major throwbacks. Dean getting his fanboy on when he sees Gunner Lawless was just so adorable and awkward and cute and just SO CUTE.

Sam meeting Rio was a whole other thing! That boy is levels of confidence and keeps it together so well. Way to go Sammy! Generally, Dean and Sam were levels of adorable and I have no other word except adorable to describe them.


Jensen was so amazing. His little cameo in the ring and cheering was so him! And he did it so well, I mean, Jensen really brought Dean’s inner child out. He was on the wrestling time when he was in school so it’s understandable that he would be attached to the sport and the ring.


UGH!! I mean- Just- GOD

I thought seeing Dean hungover in the Valentine’s Day episode was adorable but this episode was even better! I don’t get hungover so I don’t know what it feels like but seeing Jensen act it out feels like quite the accurate representation.

I have a complaint, the demon looking like Ryan Gosling- what even guys. Why would you do this?! I couldn’t even take him seriously at any point in the episode.


The fight between Lucifer and Crowley, albeit brief, was amazing. The banter, the creation and perfection of the double cross, both Kings battling it out, the dialogue is just exquisite and I do have to thank the writers for it. Especially Misha’s Freudian references- dear lord save me because I’m definitely going to Hell. Lustiel will be the death of me.

This particular level of sexiness should not exist

What is going on with the one kick Hands of God? Can we get one that just doesn’t stop after the first time? Because Amara’s going to need more than one hit I’m sure. Or will something happen if you collect ’em all?

On the whole, it was a good episode but not one of the better ones. The MotW was weak but everything else was in every sense of the word, amazing.

I hope tomorrow’s episode blows it out of the park. With Bobby and Rufus coming back, I’m sure it will be.



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