Supernatural 11×16 Safe House (Review)

I am probably the worst reviewer these days because it turns out I’m an insane perfectionist who refuses to write nothing less than 1500 word reviews of episodes based on my notes. And I also managed to create a mental block that if I get a new laptop, I’ll start writing on a whole new level. I wonder at my ability to be so unrealistic at least three times a day. *sigh*

Anyway, I know this review is late and tomorrow’s episode is a big one but I hope I can get my reviews back in order this week. Out with the laze, in with the productivity!

After a mini hellatus, this was the episode to air. Jim Beaver and Steven Williams reprised their roles as Bobby and Rufus much to my delight. I’m always happy with the return of old cast and characters and I love how the writers always find a way to bring someone back.

That hand though 

The opening was scary. I mean, that hand will now forever give me nightmares. It’s like the VFX team brought back my childhood fear and manifested it straight from my imagination. Unbelievably realistic and super creepy.

After the opening scene, enter Sam and Dean. I don’t think I’ve seen Dean this upset about losing Cas since season 8 when he chose to stay behind in Purgatory instead of getting out with Dean. That look of pure concern and love and fear for his friend, ugh, Jensen delivers so beautifully and it pulls at your soul. I love that Sam understands his brother’s distress and tries to alleviate it by distracting him with a case. It’s the last thing Dean wants but Sam is the only one who is capable of making him understand that just because they have nothing on the Darkness doesn’t mean they stop saving people and hunting things and that underlying current is just always fabulous with each MotW episode.

When was the last time you were nice? 1986, worst year of my life.


It turns out that the case that the boys are on was very similar to one worked by two gentlemen a ‘handful of years’ ago. Cue to that moment a handful of years ago to Bobby Singer asleep in his completely beat up Mustang and Rufus banging on his door to wake him up. Bobby pulling a gun on him was probably the funniest and I loved the throwback to simpler times.

Rufus and his Sabbath excuse was awesome. When they’re walking up to the porch of the house and the neighbor asks them what they’re up to, I loved Rufus’s response- “It is officially none of your damn business ma’am.” It was so perfectly Rufus that I was almost spitting coffee all over my computer.


Transition to the boys in the same house with their awesome home made EMF detectors. They’re getting readings all over the place and the conclusion they come to is that there are more than a few ghosts around. Next step- find the bones, salt ’em and burn ’em.


The boys are at the cemetery, digging with shovels, working hard to burn the bones only to find that they’ve already been turned to ashes. Dean throws out a rhetorical statement wondering about an easier way to dig graves. And the scene shifts to Bobby using an excavator to dig the grave while Rufus is helping himself to a beer. When Bobby’s finished, he climbs down and holds out a shovel to his partner who promptly tries to pull the Sabbath card but Bobby catches him and says “It’s sundown. Now get to work” which basically leaves Rufus dumbfounded and at a loss for words. Thank you writers!


Rufus betting it was a Bah’ku while Bobby betting it was a ghost and the prize a bottle of Johnny had me screaming- we finally know how Bobby got that bottle of Blue Label that he finally drank after Rufus died!

Rufus brings up Bobby sleeping in the car after the first time and he tells Rufus that he’s worried about his boys. Rufus calling him Papa Bear made me go ‘aww’ because obviously for Bobby Dean and Sam were his sons. To see that concern and love after so long, it made me cry some happy tears. Rufus of course, was more practical; the Life is hard and he reminds his friend of the Oldest Rule of Hunting- “Not everyone is going to make it out alive.” *cue memories of every character lost to the Life in 11 years* *waterfall of tears*


Going back to the boys and the father figures digging into the lore, the boys learn that it’s a Soul Eater. A creature  that uses a house to capture the souls of its occupants and transfer them to its ‘nest’ in a completely different dimension in space and time. It then devours their souls over many years while the physical bodies wither and die in their own time and dimension. Was it only me or did it sound like a villain you’d find on Doctor Who?


The return of rock, paper, scissors to decide who would go into the nest and who would stay back was one of those moments when you knew that Dean would lose which is exactly what happened. Dean swore never to settle anything with that ‘stupid game’ but of course it’s going to happen again.



I know this might be odd, but why do all hunters draw sigils so slowly? I get that they need to be accurate but the way Rufus was painting that celtic binding sigil was slower than anything I’ve every seen before. Oh well, I guess the need to give the bad guy some time to do some damage is necessary.


The transitions between both points in time were so beautifully done. When Bobby and Dean are climbing up the stairs to the first floor to catch the attention of the Soul Eater, the two dialogues are so contrasting, it’s hilarious.

Dean- Come at me you son of a bitch.

Bobby- Stay away from me you son of a bitch.


Dean and Bobby’s POVs in the nest were quite harrowing. First Dean sees Sam dead on the kitchen floor, closes his eyes to that pain and opens them to find the hallucination gone. Then, Bobby sees both Sam and Dean dead at the bottom of the landing, covered in blood and he closes his eyes for a moment and they vanish. For those precious few moments the anguish on both men’s faces was so clearly written that it pulled at your heartstrings.



The Soul Eater proceeding to possess Bobby and Dean’s bodies to get Rufus and Sam to come with it to the nest and be safe from the Darkness, does everyone know about the Darkness threatening everything??!!

The Soul Eater using Dean’s skin to try to trick Sam by telling him that Dean wants to go to the Darkness but it could protect both of them from everything, so typical monster. But there was a possible flicker of surprise in Sam’s eyes before he just started beating the crap out of the creature. Jim and Jensen were phenomenal as the Soul Eater. I wonder how they managed to mimic the behavior so well.


I knew something completely profound was going to happen but I didn’t know it would be Bobby and Dean seeing each other in the same house years apart. That moment was magical and I’m pretty sure I let out a weird screech howl when that scene played out.


The hug between Sam and Dean was the sweetest hug. It was so protective and wonderful and warm.

Rufus knows Bobby way too well because he picked up in a heartbeat that there was something that went wrong in the nest with Bobby. But when Rufus tells him to forget the Oldest Rule of Hunting, there was something akin to hope that you could see- that they believed they could get out of the Apocalypse.


The final scenes with Bobby getting a call from Dean and he’s all concerned about his boys and Dean tells him about a lead on Lilith- it was childish and sweet reminder to easier days, when the breaking of seals was the only problem.

The entire episode overall was a treat. Throwbacks left, right and center along with some main arc, it was amazing and very well done. Awesome job guys!




2 thoughts on “Supernatural 11×16 Safe House (Review)

  1. I really liked this episode. It was so nice to see Bobby and Rufus again, and I thought the parallels between the two teams and two hunts were done beautifully.

    “I know this might be odd, but why do all hunters draw sigils so slowly? I get that they need to be accurate but the way Rufus was painting that celtic binding sigil was slower than anything I’ve every seen before.”

    I noticed lol! I was like, this is going WAAAAYYYYY too slowwww. At least Dean managed to finish his sigil before he was soul-snatched by the Soul Eater.

    “it was childish and sweet reminder to easier days, when the breaking of seals was the only problem.”

    I agree, it was such a sweet moment. Never thought I’d see the brothers bothering Bobby with their hunt problems again after season 7. It was a great moment. The one where Dean and Bobby see each other in the nest too.

    1. I miss Bobby so much. Seeing him in season 10 was awesome but seeing him with Rufus this season was even better! Jim Beaver brings so much to his character and affects the boys in ways only a true father can & it brings tears to my eyes whenever I watch an old episode or see them together in the newer seasons.

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