Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #3)

The conclusion to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy was quite an interesting read. I shouldn’t have been scared for my feels because they weren’t completely shattered or damaged which was good.


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Rating- 5/5 stars

Publisher- Hodder & Stoughton

Pages- 613 (Paperback)

The story picks up exactly where it left off in book two with Jael’s Dominion landing on Earth while Karou and the chimaera flee to Eretz. The book is very detailed with everything, each scene written is described perfectly to to the moment and makes you visualize everything that is going on.

There were a few new characters. Elize was someone I was very confused to read from the perspective from when she first showed up. I had no idea what significance she may or may not have, or if she was just someone who’ll have an outside effect. Her character opened up very large doors to a possible sequel trilogy or something of the sort.

The Angels going to Vatican City and just hanging around, waiting for the humans to give them weapons was so underwhelming. There was no siege or storming of armories, no apocalypse, nothing. I think I expected too much from the Angels going to Earth.

Hazael became one of my favorite characters in book 2 and she was so much more in this one. From some chimaera hater to someone who helped Akiva rally the Misbegotten to get with Akiva and Karou’s plan of uniting them with the chimaera to fight the Dominion and Jael was something I would never have thought possible from her. Also, shipping Ziri and Hazael so hard.

I know Karou’s supposed to be the main character but there wasn’t much going on from her. Her job as a resurrectionist has kept her occupied but I couldn’t see too much character development. I loved her plans though, those were amazing and she’s still badass but some of the magic, I felt, was lost.

Akiva, I don’t know why but I still don’t like him all that much. I know, I’m sorry but he’s just not the guy I’m in love with. Too much whining. Also, his magic is insane- it awed me when he reached sirithar but when I learnt about the consequences, oh my god, dude stop using your magic.

Zuzana and Mik are seriously my favorite characters in the entire series. Their adorableness and resilience is just so good and everytime they’re together on the page all you can do is aww! at them. So much love for these two.

We finally get to meet Karou’s fake and super rich grandma Esther! Too bad she’s a lying, traitorous old hag who sold everyone out. She gave me the creeps when she showed up towards the end. The vicious joy I felt at the loss of her fortune was so good.

I have an odd question- why wasn’t Razgut ever killed? He’s a twisted, messed up, evil being who is super creepy and only wants to sniff Karou for eternity and also kill everyone. It was weird that his story hadn’t ended in this book. Maybe Laini Taylor has something planned for him for later.

The mysterious Stelians also had their time under the sun. Scarab totally scares me. Her thinking reminds me of an assassin which is awesome but still scary. I wonder if we’ll see more of them because Akiva is probably going to be doing a whole lot more than just being Beast’s Bane. It would be interesting to see how after being trained by Nightingale and Scarab he would fight against the Nithilam if they ever do manage to come through.

The last few chapters and the epilogue leave a whole new storyline open with the godstars and the nithilam. Considering Elize is a descendant of a godstar, it would be awesome for a sequel or prequel series about it.

I loved this book but it wasn’t really my favorite. The series is really amazing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The writing is so beautiful and the characters are really great. I would definitely recommend to anyone to pick up this series.

I rated this a 5/5 stars.

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