Blogging Away Stress or Stressing Away on Blogging?

Arctic Books recently posted a discussion about the stresses of blogging and feeling some inspiration from that post which you can read here, I decided to write one of my own.

If you’ve frequented my blog, you’ve noticed that the number of posts that I’ve made have been severely inconsistent and very few. There have been random surges and I even stopped writing my wrap ups. The thing is, I started this blog with the intention of reviewing my favorite tv show and then I switched to books and now it’s a combination. Truth be told, I get a little stressed about expressing my opinion well which is a big roadblock in my mind.

Also, I tend to read books non-stop, without considering the fact that I have to review them later. So, I finish a book and pick up the next one. By the time the middle of the month rolls around, I tend to have about 4 reviews pending and then procrastination kicks in and everything just keeps getting pushed back further and then before I know it I have 7 book reviews and 4 tv show reviews waiting to be written.

This platform was supposed to be an outlet for me, to make friends and talk to people about books and it’s turned into something that’s more like a burden which is terrible on my part. I should be okay with skipping some reviews but my compulsive self has to review them in the order they were read.

Recently, I’ve found a solution. I use an app called Habitica which is similar to playing a game but you get power-ups when you complete things on your to-do list. That’s helped increase my productivity some bit and I’m hoping I can get through my backed up reviews with it.

To everyone I follow, I’m sorry I haven’t been reading your posts. I try as often as possible and I’m going to try harder now to read everyone’s posts.

That’s it guys. Thanks for sticking around. Really love y’all. Thank you so so much!


2 thoughts on “Blogging Away Stress or Stressing Away on Blogging?

  1. I know exactly how you feel, especially the “read a lot of books non-stop and forget to review them”-part, because SAME (which is why I review a lot less than I actually read, oops). I think you’re awesome and I hope you’ll find time to either do those reviews, or to read some more (because really, who can resist a good book?) 🙂

    1. See?? Me too!!! And my mind is now creating this insane mental block against my computer & it’s really annoying so I can’t really work on the one I have right now. Yeah I really need to get those reviews done 🙂 you’re super awesome ^_^

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