Crush by Eve Ainsworth (Review)



Rating- 5/5 stars

Publisher- Scholastic Fiction

Pages- 288 (Kindle Edition)

Crush by Eve Ainsworth caught my eyes last year when I read a tweet(?) that showed the cover and mentioned briefly that the book was about an abusive relationship from the points of view of both the victim and abuser. I was once in an abusive relationship and even though reading books with themes like this bring back bad memories, they are important in creating awareness with the readers and people who have no idea.

A word of caution, this book does have strong themes and can cause emotional triggers so please proceed at your own risk.


The dark and compelling tale of an abusive teen relationship, told from the perspective of the victim, fourteen-year-old Anna.


As a story, this book is very short. It’s about 300 pages or so if you get the Kindle edition but it is so strong, it will blow you away. TheĀ the description of the relationship between Anna and Will, it’s inception, the journey, and it’s end was very well done. It was, at times, a bit compacted and I did wish for more from Will’s POV because I thought he would have just as many pages as Anna got.

It is uncanny how accurate how the abuse starts and then escalates. It was chilling, unnerving, and the need to put the book down for a while and then come back to it happened a couple of times with me.

This book was really good. The story is gripping and the progression is great. I really recommend this book to anyone who wants a true account of an abusive relationship.

I rated this book a 5/5 stars.

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